Best gag gifts for outdoor lovers in 2018

best gag gifts

Everyone loves gifts. And everyone (well, almost everyone!!) loves some laughs at one’s expense. Over the years, gag gifts have been a hilarious way of giving gifts while sharing some funny moments with your colleagues, friends and family members. The fun with gag gifts multiples if your gift has some utility too, albeit however small.

In this article, we look at some funny gag gifts for people who love the outdoors – camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing etc. You will find all these items both unique and amusing. Some of the gift items are gender specific, while other items are suitable for all genders. Moreover, most the gifts listed below are suitable only for grown-ups and adults, though some items may be suitable for teenagers as well.

Disclaimer: Do not try these gifts on people with volcanic temper or people who get offended easily. You never know when they might erupt!!

Best Gag Gifts List

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Price above $20+: $$$

Our list of popular gag gifts for outdoor lovers:
PictureProductDescriptionCost Indicator 
Trinkets & Novelty Coffee Mugs- Ceramic coffee mug with funny camping quotes.
- Available in multiple shapes, colors and sizes with gender specific quotes.
- The quotes are written with unique dye sublimation technique which keeps the imprinting intact for a long time.
- Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.
BlueQ I Just Shit In The Woods Sanitizer- Fully functional hand sanitizer with a funny label and packing.
- Multiple versions with different labels also available.
- 2 oz. content.
BigMouth Camouflage Toilet Paper- Two rolls of toilet paper with 200 sheets each.
- 2-ply paper with a three color camouflage design.
- Biodegradable, harmless ink.
- Come in other designs as well.
Dynamite Fire Stick Starter Box- Made in USA, paraffin and sawdust fire sticks that look like vintage dynamite sticks.
- Available in cedar wood box for authentic looks.
- Each box has 20 fire sticks. Refills also available.
Funny Hot Dog & Marshmallow Campfire Roasting Stick- A set of two adult-themed, marshmallow roasting sticks made with food grade stainless steel.
- Feature varnished wooden handle.
- Also comes in costlier premium finish.
Push Button Pocket Comb - Switch Blade- Fully functional switchable comb with a slide button to unlock.
- A unique, 1950’s retro look of a folding knife.
- Small enough to fit in the back pocket.
Accoutrements Crime Scene Bandages- A tin box with 25 sterile bandages, each with 3” X 0.75” size.
- Bonus trinket toy in each tin.
- Comes in other amusing prints such as bacon and pickle.
The Tentlab Deuce of Spades Trowel- The most useful gag gift of all.
- An ultralight trowel made with aerospace grade aluminum.
- Single piece, aerodynamic design with only 6-ounce weight.
- Fully functional for digging holes or covering your waste.
BigMouth Inc Prescription Style Drink Cooler- Prescription pill bottle shaped foam insulated beer cooler.
- Keeps beer cold for a long duration.
- Fits all standard beer cans.
Avery Barn Silicone Wine Glasses and Foldable Bottle Bags- A set of unbreakable 4 silicone wine glasses with two foldable beverage carriers.
- A perfect gift for wine/alcohol lovers.
- Chemically inert, so suitable for all types of wines, beverages and drinks.
- Each glass is 4-inch-tall and bottle carrier can carry up to 750 ml.
City Shirts T-shirts with funny camping quotes- 100% cotton half-sleeves tee with amusing camping quotes.
- Available in multiple colors and sizes.
- Designs available for both male and female adults.
- Front side quote, printed in the USA.
$ to $$
Snittens –The Original Snot Mittens- Amusing gloves for winter and cold weather camping, made with absorbing fiber to clear your snot and tears while on the move.
- Female version also available.
- Durable and washable.
"Kiss My Bass" Hat- 100% cotton single-sized embroidered cap with a funny quote. A great gift for fishing lovers.
- Comes in two colors – Blue and Hunter green
- Adjustable button strap to fit all sizes.
Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves- Imported cotton gloves with 6 Mode 7 Colors LED Gloves Rave Light.
- Soft black and white fabric with white light up fingers.
- Come with CR 2032 batteries required for operation included with the gloves.
- Funny gift for teenagers and adults.
Only Go for the Smores Funny Camper Long Sleeve T-Shirt- Full Sleeves t-shirt made with 90% cotton and 10% polyester fabric.
- Each t-shirt features long lasting print text printed with water-soluble and eco-friendly ink.
- Available in female friendly versions as well.
- Comes in 4 sizes and 3 colors.
Lady Redneck Backscratcher- Funny oversized backscratcher with 15 tines.
- Male version also available.
- Fully functional for back scratching.
CafePress - I love camping Dog T-Shirt- A funny gift for dog lovers.
- Made with breathable fabric.
- Machine washable t-shirt comes in 4 sizes for dogs of all breeds.

Final thoughts on best gag gifts for outdoor enthusiasts

In this article, we looked at more than 15 gag gifts to gift to your friends, colleagues and family members who love the outdoors. The gag gifts that we listed here are not only hilarious but also have some utility, making them perfect items to share a laugh and use afterward.

Some of the gifts we listed above are gender-specific, though you can also find the female or male version from the same brand. Moreover, gifts such as mugs, T-shirts come in different colors, sizes, and designs, so you can pick the ones which are preferable to you.

Do let us know how you found this article and if you have some additional suggestions through the comment section. We would be happy to add them to the list. Till then, Happy Gifting!

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