Best portable solar shower for camping and outdoors in 2018

best portable solar showers

The rigors of a day in the outdoors may want you looking for a hot, refreshing shower. But in order to heat water, you may have to burn fuel such as propane or wood. Enter the solar showers, sometimes also referred as sun showers to the scene! Though energy from the sun has been at the center stage of energy supply for centuries, gravity-based solar showers were first conceived only in 1985.

In this article, we look at some of the best portable solar showers available in the market. We will focus on the gravity based showers which can be elevated on a tree, pole or car under the sun to heat water and use gravity to maintain flow, rather than relying on any sort of pump. These showers are compact enough to carry when not in use.

While these showers come in different sizes, we will focus specifically on 5-gallon capacity showers (20 liters), as such showers can provide a light bath to 2-3 people.

Best portable solar shower list

Some of the best portable solar showers available in the market are listed below:

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower6" x 20" x 2"
1.3 lbs.
- This top of the line premium solar shower boasts of 4-ply PVC container with reflector and insulator, ensuring quick heating.
- Features an easy-to-use on/off shower head, a water temperature gauge, an extra-large filling valve, with a convenient twist-off cap
- Comes in different capacities, with the 5-gallon shower featuring a gravity flow of about 7 min when full.
- Backed by one-year manufacturer warranty.
- A smaller 3-gallon version and a larger 10-gallon version are also available.
Sportneer Solar Camping Shower Bag6" x 12" x 3"
1.2 lbs.
- A well-designed, sturdy and durable gravity solar shower bag build with PVC.
- Features a convenient shower nozzle and reasonably long hose with a shower head.
- The 5-gallon shower has a flow rate of 6.5 min for 5-gallon s.
- Comes with a mesh carrying bag for easy portability and space-saving storage.
KingCamp Solar Shower6" x 14" x 2"
1.2 lbs.
- High-end, lighter yet smartly build solar shower bag that features polyester + nontoxic PVC three layer construction.
- Comes with easy on/off shower head and a temperature gauge for safe operation.
- Has large valve with twist-off cap for easy filling.
- Unlike other showers, has a separate 2 meter long sturdy hanging cord that can be adjusted as desired.
EasyGo Solar Camp Shower5" x 13" x 4"
2.0 lbs.
- A decent, compact solar shower built with sturdy PVC fabric.
- Has a built-in temperature gauge to indicate the temperature of stored water.
- Features a handle with buckle clip, flexible hose and two Velcro straps on the sides for managing the container.
- Backed by 30 day hassle free return policy.
Stearns Solar Portable Shower6" x 20" x 2"
1.5 lbs.
- One of the fore-runners for solar showers (now bought off by Coleman), this solar shower features a sturdy water bladder and a built-in temperature gauge.
- Has an on/off shower head and an in-body hanging handle, though the filling hole is smaller than other showers.
- Has a mesh pocket for storing toiletries.
Coleman Solar Shower7" x 9" x 3"
0.6 lbs.
- An economical, hugely popular, standard solar shower that is well built with PVA and designed to last multiple times.
- Has a decent on/off valve, shower head, medium sized value for filling.
- Comes in a higher capacity of 10 gallons as well.
Ivation Portable Solar Outdoor Shower6" x 12" x 3"
1.2 lbs.
-A 4-ply Denier PVC shower from the popular manufacturer in the field.
- Comes with a well-designed on/off nozzle and a removable shower head and a twist lock valve.
-A color-changing temperature gauge is also integrated into the back of the bag.
- Also features handy carrying handle and a side pocket for soap and shampoo.
Coghlans Solar Camp Shower5" x 10" x 2"
1.0 lbs.
- A slightly smaller and lighter standard solar shower made with not toxic PVC.
- Includes standard shower head with hose and hanging cord.
- Also comes in different capacities with 5-gallon being the most popular.

What is a portable solar shower and how it works?

A portable solar shower is a gravity-based gear that consists of a water container which can be exposed to the sunlight to hear water. A typical solar shower consists of a nozzle valve to fill water, a hose with a shower head, along with the shower bag. Since it relies on gravity to manage the flow of water, a solar shower must be elevated and hoisted on a tree branch, pole, or a car. Solar showers can be used for light bath, cleaning utensils, washing clothes and even cleaning your gear such as a surfboard. Solar showers are quite handy in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, beach fun, and kayaking.

The key component of the solar or sun shower that makes all it happen is the shower bag. Most high-end solar showers have bags with a 4-layer construction, though some other shower bags also have a 3-ply construction. The shower bags are made up of non-toxic PVC or PVA. Each shower bag has two sides – see-through, black color coated, flexible solar panel side which is exposed to the sun and the operating side of the nozzle, shower head, and optional mesh pocket. It is important that you expose only the solar panel side to the sun.

Solar showers come in different capacities ranging from 2.5 gallons to 20 gallons. However, 5-gallon (20 liters) shower is most suitable for camping and other outdoor activities. The solar panel in a 5-gallon solar shower can heat water to 100o-110 o F in about 4-5 hours of exposure to sunlight. Most high-end solar showers also come with a temperature gauge to give an indicative temperature of the stored water.

solar shower 4 layer design

How to pick the best portable solar shower?

Picking the most suitable solar shower is largely about picking the best shower bag. You would want to pick a portable shower with a durable, efficient and easy-to-handle shower bag. Specifically, in order to pick the best solar shower, you should consider the following factors:

  • Building material of the shower bag
  • Size and weight of the solar shower
  • Nozzle, shower head and valve
  • Additional features

Building material of the shower bag

The building material of the shower bag is probably the most important criterion to consider while buying a portable solar shower. While some solar shower bags are also made of non-biodegradable PVC plastic, almost all the options listed above are made of non-toxic PVC or PVA. High-end solar showers such as the Advanced Elements Summer Shower also have a non-PVC ripstop version also available.

High-end solar showers such as Ivation Portable Outdoor Shower and Advanced Elements Summer Shower have a four-layer construction. These four layers consist of the reflector layer, the insulator layer, the solar panel layer and the water reservoir layer. This 4-ply construction makes the shower efficient and durable, though, this may also make it a little heavier to carry.

So check the building material and construction design while picking the most suitable option.

Size and weight of the solar shower

If you are backpacking or hiking and carrying your own supplies, the weight of the empty solar shower becomes important criteria to consider. Thankfully, almost all the solar showers are reasonably lightweight, with a weight less than 2 pounds (24 ounces) and hence comfortable to carry along. The basic Coleman Portable Solar Shower is the lightest of all at around 0.6 pounds (it has 3-ply construction and does not include a temperature gauge).

Nozzle, shower head and filling valve design

The nozzle, shower hose, and shower head are important parts of a solar shower. Some popular solar showers such as Sportneer Solar Camping Shower and Advanced Elements Summer Shower have on/off heads to regulate the water flow, while other solar showers have on/off nozzles to regulate the flow. On/off shower heads are generally more comfortable to use. Similarly, check the reviews of the solar shower you want to buy to see if there are any common issues with leaking valves.

The diameter of the filling valve is another important thing to check out. Wider the filling valve, easier it is to fill, drain and clean the solar shower. You can check out the specifications and reviews of the solar shower to determine the suitability.

Additional Features

In addition to the factors listed above, there are some additional features that can make a solar shower purchase attractive.

One of the most important such features is the built-in temperature gauge. A temperature gauge can help in indicating the temperature of stored water and also act as a level indicator. Try to pick a shower which has such a temperature gauge, preferably on the lower side of the shower bag.

Long hose pipes, Velcro straps and mesh pockets with mirrors are also good accessories to have. Moreover, the Sportneer Solar Camping Shower comes with a mesh carrying bag, making it an extremely attractive buy. For other solar showers, this is an additional accessory to buy.

Look out for such additional features to determine if a particular solar shower would best suit your needs.

Which are the best solar showers and what our picks are?

Advanced Elements Summer Shower – Editor’s choice for the best portable solar shower

Advanced Elements Summer Shower – best portable solar shower
The Advanced Elements Summer Shower is a top of the line premium gravity based solar shower and an ideal product for camping, fishing, beaches, sailing and even your backyard. It boasts a sturdy and durable 4-ply non-toxic PVC construction with a reflector, insulator and solar panel along with the reservoir. This sturdy design helps in warming water faster and more efficiently. It can heat water up to 110o F in about 3.5 hours of clear sunlight.

The Advanced Elements shower comes with an easy-to-use on/off shower head with about 1.5 feet long hose and a steady flow for up to 7 minutes when fully filled. It has a built-in temperature gauge to indicate the temperature of water in the shower container. It also has extra-large screw cap valve that makes filling the container easy. Also included in the shower is a mesh pocket with an attached mirror to store soaps and shampoos. You may, however, find the mesh pocket difficult to use when the reservoir is fully filled.

The Advanced Elements shower comes in different capacities, though we found the 5-gallon capacity (20 liters) ideal for camping and backpacking. The 5-gallon shower weighs standard 1.3 pounds, and when not filled is compact enough to carry. There is also a costlier, yet lighter PVC-free version available in the market.

The only drawback you can feel with this solar shower is the cost. It is about 30% costlier than other such products but is much more durable and efficient than other showers in the market.

For its superior quality, durability, design and performance, the Advanced Elements Summer Solar Shower is our Editor’s pick for the best solar shower in the market. Try it once and you would never find the need to go with any other portable solar shower.
  • Top of the line portable shower with 4 ply construction.
  • Excellent heating rate – 105o-110 o F in about 3.5 hours and steady flow rate – 7 min for 5 gallons.
  • Easy to use on/off shower head with a 1.5 feet hose and extra-large twist/screw cap for easy filling
  • A fully functional temperature gauge for recording temperature of stored water.
  • Backed by one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Mesh pocket location makes it difficult to use when fully fill
  • Costlier than some other options available in the market

Sportneer Solar Camping Shower – Best value pick for the best portable solar shower

Sportneer Solar Camping Shower – the best portable solar shower
Sportneer Solar Camping Shower (evidently “neer” in the Hindi language means “water”) is an economical, lightweight, sturdy and reasonably durable gravity solar shower bag build with PVC.

The Sportneer shower is equipped with a conveniently designed shower head and hose, which together stand at about 1.5 feet long, and a sturdy flow-regulator shower head. It has a slightly faster flow rate of 6.5 min for 5-gallons.

The shower bag also features a see-through back and a temperature gauge attached to the bag to help with water level and temperature monitoring.

The Sportneer Solar Shower weighs 1.2 pounds when empty. An added advantage with this portable shower is that it comes with a mesh carrying bag for easy portability and space-saving storage

For its good design, features and value for money, the Sportneer Solar Camping Shower is the best value pick for a portable solar shower. If you are looking for an economical, well-designed sun shower, you should consider opting for this solar shower.
  • Economical, lightweight, yet durable solar shower bag build with non-toxic PVC.
  • Well-designed hose and shower head with a fast flow rate of 6.5 min for 5-gallon s.
  • Comes with built-in temperature gauge to help with water level and temperature monitoring.
  • Also comes with a mesh carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.
  • Less durable nozzles and valves then the costlier Advanced Elements bag.

General Usage guidelines

Please keep the following things in mind while using the portable solar showers:

  • Never fill the shower bag beyond the maximum advertised capacity. Since the shower bags are made from lightweight PVC/PVA material, they are not super-durable. You can use the see-through side or temperature gauge to determine the water level in the bag.
  • Since the shower bags are made from PVC or PVA, they should not be used to carry drinking/potable water, even though the PVC used is marked non-toxic. Because of heating, there may be scaling in the shower bag. It is, however, fine to use the shower to wash clothes, utensils or gear.
  • Always ensure that only the prescribed see-through side is exposed directly to the sunlight. Exposing the wrong side can damage the shower bag. The side with texture, hose, Velcro straps etc. is the wrong side.
  • Always monitor the reading in the temperature gauge before using the water in the shower. Though these gauges may not be 100% accurate, the readings give a decent idea about the stored water. If your shower does not have a temperature gauge, run a little water through the hose and feel it to determine its suitability for use.
  • Since the body of shower bag is flexible, nozzles and valves are not that sturdily attached. Handle them with care to ensure a long life for your portable shower. Do not twist the valves beyond their twisting capacity.
  • If you find it difficult to elevate a filled shower bag on a branch, you can tie a paracord or rope to the handle/handle strap and then fill in the water, and hoist the bag using the rope/cord. Just make sure that the rope is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a filled shower bag.

Cleaning your solar shower bag

Because of continuous reuse, you may need to clean up your solar shower after a while. This is necessary to ensure that you do not have any mildew or mold build up in the bag.

To do so simply take some common domestic bleach cleanser (or better, bleach packs or bleach crystals), add recommended amount of water and let it stand for an hour or so. You can even add a small amount of mild fabric detergent to the mixture. Then, shake the bag and let the mixture flow through the nozzle. After that, rinse the bag with plenty of water and let it flow a couple of times more. To dry the shower bag, leave it to dry in the shade.

Privacy tents

In case you are looking for some privacy while bathing with your solar shower, you can opt for a pop-up privacy tent. Such tents are pretty easy to setup and have a vent that can be used to get the shower hose in. They have a roll-up door to close while bathing. Some of the popular options available in the market are listed below:

Final Thoughts on best portable solar shower to buy in 2017

In this article, we looked at some of the best gravity based solar showers for available in the market. These showers use solar power to heat water to a comfortable level and are lightweight enough to carry and relatively inexpensive to use. These portable shower bags can be used to wash clothes and clean utensils and gear. We looked at how these showers are made and how they work. We also looked at some of the factors to consider while choosing the most suitable showers for your outdoor needs. Moreover, we listed out the best in class and best value solar showers for camping, hiking, sailing, beach fun, and kayaking. Do let us know how you found this article and if there is anything else you would look us to consider. Happy camping!!

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