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We at GearHose aim to provide you with the best camping gear reviews, tips and gift ideas. We research, evaluate and then publish definitive reviews on camping, hiking and backpacking gears on our site. Our primary focus is to get you an independent view and assistance in picking the best gear for your needs. We work by analyzing hard so you don’t have to!!

Note that we get some of the items to review from manufacturers from time to time. Rest assured, the reviews and considerations represented in our articles are our own and do not get swayed by free products, though we do evaluate some of the items we receive.

We value your time and hence we ensure that we highlight our tops picks so that you do not have to sift through the products yourselves.

The GearHose team

Scott Shook is the founder and owner of GearHose. He is a techie by day and a hardcore gear reviewer by night. An avid outdoorsman, Scott loves to travel around California and other west coast states. When not working, Scott likes to spend time with family and play with his dog!!

Trisk Patrick is the co-founder and content author at GearHose. He is a business analyst by day and a gear buff by night. He specializes in bringing you compilations of economical and best outdoor recreation items. Trisk is based out of San Francisco, California and unlike Scott, he is not much of a pet person!!

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