Best paracord bracelet for survival and outdoor adventures

best paracord bracelet

Why would you need a paracord bracelet while going camping or hiking? You are sure to get that question if you have no idea what a paracord bracelet is.

A paracord bracelet, or more commonly a survival bracelet, is not an ordinary piece of jewelry, it is a survival equipment. Not only are they fashionable and stylish, paracord bracelets are useful enough to make a lot of difference in a life and death situation.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best paracord bracelets available in the market and help you pick the best paracord bracelet for survival in the outdoors. We will also share some resources for making these bracelets yourself. Read On!

Best paracord survival bracelet list

Our picks for the best paracord bracelets for survival out in the market and how they stack against each other.
The Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet by LAST MAN12 feet of nylon paracord cordage, 2 kale hooks, 2 line swivels, 30 ft fishing line, 2 foam bobbers, 2 egg sinkers, 1 ferrocerium fire starter rod, 1 serrated fire striker, 1 dried grass tinder bundle, 2 safety pins, 1 compass
- Available in 8 color combinations
TITAN Paracord Survival Bracelet- 11 feet of TITAN's popular SurvivorCord rope that features 550 Paracord, snare wire, fishing line and waxed jute as tinder. Arranged in Trilobite Weave pattern
- 3 position bow shackle for fitting adjustment. Extra fastener also included
- American, Vet owned business, backed by a Lifetime Warranty

The Friendly Swede Adjustable Premium Paracord Bracelet with Fire Starter and Sharp Eye Knife- 1 x 17.5 feet of nylon Type III paracord
- 1 x knife / scraper
- 1 x fire starter rod
- Lifetime warranty
The Friendly Swede Trilobite Extra Beefy Paracord Survival Bracelet- 1 x 11.5 feet of nylon paracord cordage
- 1 x extra clasp
- Lifetime warranty
Bomber paracord survival bracelet- 1 x 9.8 feet of nylon paracord cordage
- 1 x knife / scraper
- 1 x fire starter rod
- Lifetime warranty
Gecko Paracord Survival Bracelet- 1 x 9 feet of nylon type II paracord cordage
- 1 x extra screw
- Lifetime warranty
The Friendly Swede Paracord Survival Bracelet with Stainless Steel D Shackle- 1 x 10 feet of nylon paracord cordage
- 1 x extra screw
- Lifetime warranty
Outdoor Edge Para-Claw Survival Bracelet- 1 x 10-17 feet of 550-paracord
- 1 x 1.5-hawkbill blade knife
- 1 x glass/nylon clip and knife guard
- 3 sizes, lifetime warranty
Sahara Sailor paracord bracelet- 1 x 10.5 feet of nylon paracord cordage
- 1 x Compass
- 1 x fire starter rod
- 1 x scraper
- 1 x whistle
X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelet- 1 x 10.5 feet of Type II paracord
- 1 x Compass
- 1 x fire starter rod with scraper
- 1 x whistle
- Multiple sizes and colors.

What is a paracord and what are its uses?

Before we look at what a paracord bracelet is, let us quickly look at what is paracord, what are its uses and what are the common tactical paracord gears available in the market. The following infographic summarizes this:

What is a paracord and its uses

What is a paracord survival bracelet?

A paracord bracelet is not just a piece of fashion, it has turned into a full-fledged survival gear. While look-wise, it is no more than a simple bracelet which can be worn on the hand, it can hide many useful small tools within it. Every premium paracord bracelet is made of 550 cord or parachute cord. The 550 in the name denotes the breaking strength in pounds of the cord. It is called parachute cord because these were initially used in the suspension lines of parachutes.

This general all-purpose is used by military, service personnels as well as civilians for a variety of purposes. Heck, this cord was even used by astronauts during the 82nd Space shuttle mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.

Generally, the paracord bracelet can unravel into eight feet or more long cord. This cord serves a number of purposes like,

  • For climbing
  • As an extra rope
  • As a shoe lace
  • For repairing your gear like tent, sleeping bags, etc.
  • For setting up traps
  • As a fishing line
  • As an emergency tourniquet

The above is just a few of the uses of the cord but the list is endless.

Some manufacturers have converted the simple bracelet into a full-fledged multi-purpose survival kit. The best survival bracelet can have the following useful items in it,

  • A fire starter
  • A whistle
  • A drinking straw
  • A wire saw
  • A compass
  • A fishing hook
  • A signalling mirror

Paracord bracelet manufacturers are getting innovative by the day. You never know what little tool they will package tomorrow in your bracelet. In the next sections, we look at how you can pick the best paracord survival bracelet for yourself or someone else and share our top picks.

Different types of paracord bracelet weaves

Once you have unraveled the bracelet and used it, you can either store all the tools in a kit box or you can re-assemble bracelet back. But weaving back the bracelet needs some practice and is not easy for first-time users. The good news is, with constant practice, you can master the different knots.

Normally the bracelet is woven using one of these knot types. You can watch the videos and practice the one that you find easy but we suggest you take a look at the cobra knot, it is much easier than the other types.

  • Cobra Knot
  • King Cobra Knot
  • Fishtail Knot
  • Trilobite Knot
  • Sidewinder Knot
  • Rattler Knot
  • Mamba Knot

How to select the best paracord bracelet?

With so many different options available in the market, picking the best paracord bracelet can be a challenge. There are some key factors that you have to consider to separate the quality ones from the junk and pick the best paracord bracelet for camping and survival. These key factors are summarized below:

  • Type of the cord
  • Length of the cord
  • Size of the bracelet
  • Additional Survival Features
  • Color and looks of the bracelet

Type of the cord

Most paracord bracelets are made from one of the three types of paracord.

  • Type I Cord: This type of paracord has a breaking strength of 95-100 lbs. The cord consists of a single core strand and is the lightest option. Paracord bracelets with this type of cord are only decorative accessories and not very suitable for survival situations.
  • Type II Cord: With a breaking strength of 400 lbs. and about 5-7 strands, this is a popular cord type for paracord bracelets, especially among women and teenagers.
  • Type III Cord: This is the costliest and heaviest type of paracord used for making survival bracelets, with a breaking strength of 550 lbs and 7-9 strands per cord.

Some people even make their own bracelets with Type IV paracords (750 lbs.), but you would generally not find such bracelets available commercially in the market unless you are willing to shell out over $50 per bracelet.

If you are looking for a serious survival bracelet or are into climbing or other adventure sports, ensure that you get a bracelet with Type III cord. Even though the Type III core may be a little costlier, it has superior strength and durability. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a lighter option, you can pick a Type II cord bracelet.

Length of the cord

Having as much paracord as possible is a must in a survival situation. There is no saying when you will need the extra length of rope. For climbing or building a shelter, you need a longer cord. The paracord consists of a braided sheath which can be removed to expose a finer yarn that can be used for fishing or as a fire tinder.

The type of weave and the wrist size govern the total length of the cord in the survival bracelet. Most bracelets when unraveled, can have about eight feet to twenty feet of cord.

When looking for a good paracord bracelet, check the overall length of the cord. The longer the cord, the tighter it is wound and the better survival bracelet you would have.

Size of the bracelet

The size of the bracelet is also something to look at. Pick an option that fits your wrist perfectly without being too tight or too loose. Most of the options that we have listed above are available in multiple sizes, so you can pick the best one for your needs. We have also listed some adjustable paracord bracelets whose circumference can be adjusted whenever desired.

Additional Survival Features

As discussed above, most paracord bracelets are just more than mere bracelets. They are survival tools by their own means. We at GearHose are great fans of camping gears that can multi-task. Look for a bracelet which has tools that you feel will be useful in a survival situation. Most paracord bracelets are designed by inputs taken from survival experts so you can rest assured that the tools will indeed be handy if the need arises.

Most of the tools are interwoven into the bracelet itself. You will have to undo the bracelet to access the inner tools. Unless you need them, there is no point of undoing the bracelet and keeping them apart. You may risk losing them. But it is always better to know what your bracelet has and how to access them when you need it.

Color and looks of the bracelet

Last, but not the least, paracord bracelets are also a cool fashion accessory. Depending upon your color or weave preference and gender, you can pick a paracord bracelet that suits your personality.

Paracord bracelets are available in a multitude or colors ranging from discreet camo and military colors to more vibrant fluorescent colors, Some bracelets even have cords of different colors interwoven with one another. Make sure you pick the right one as per your liking.

Which is the best paracord bracelet and what are our top picks?

LAST MAN Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet reviewThe Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet

The Last man paracord survival bracelet is a premium survival bracelet consisting of 16 premium tools in one piece. The paracord is made of type III cord which has a strength of 550 pounds. It is very well made and woven beautifully using the Cobra paracord weave. The bracelet weighs just around 1 ounce (28 grams) and will not feel bothersome.

This small bracelet comes packed to the hilt with small tools and can be useful in any survival situation. It consists of 12 feet of nylon paracord cordage, two kale hooks, two 2-line swivels one test fishing line, two foam bobbers, two egg sinkers, one ferrocerium fire starter rod, one serrated fire striker, one dried grass tinder bundle, two safety pins and one compass. There is also a bracelet option without the compass.

The Last Man paracord bracelet is available in two sizes – Large and Small. The Large size fits wrist sizes of 7-8.5 inches comfortably, while the Small bracelet fits a wrist of 6-7.5 inches. It is available in eight color combinations.

For these reasons, the Last man paracord survival bracelet is our Editor’s choice pick for the best paracord survival bracelet.

The Friendly Swede Adjustable Premium Paracord Bracelet – Best value pick for the best paracord braceletThe Friendly Swede Adjustable Premium Paracord Bracelet with Fire Starter and Hidden Eye Knife

The Friendly Swede Adjustable Premium Paracord Bracelet is a extra-wide paracord survival bracelet with a fire starter buckle. It is adjustable and can comfortably fit wrist sizes that measure between seven and nine inches.

When unraveled, the paracord bracelet exposes 17.5 feet of premium 500 pounds type-III paracord. The whole bracelet can be disassembled in three minutes. It also has a fire starter rod and the sharp eye knife which acts as a buckle and also double as a fire-starter striker.

This bracelet is 100% hand-woven and assembled with a cobra weave type and is backed by the Friendly Swede’s lifetime warranty. If you happen to unravel it in a survival situation, you can even send it back to the manufacturer to re-weaving.

For these reasons, the Friendly Swede Adjustable Premium Paracord Bracelet is our best value pick for the best paracord survival bracelet.

Do It Yourself(DIY) Paracord Bracelets

Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects: Simple Instructions for Survival Bracelets and Other DIY Projects (Fox Chapel Publishing) 12 Easy Lanyards, Keychains, and More using Parachute Cord for Ropecrafting

If you are interested in bush crafting, survival and making your own gear, then the paracord based bracelets and other gears are probably the most interesting projects to undertake. There are a ton of resources available to help you make your own paracord bracelet. The most popular online resources include those on Instructables and SurvivalLife. If you are looking for step-by-step guidebooks then you can consider the following best sellers. You will find these books easy to read and follow:

In order to make your own bracelets, you would need either a paracord bracelet DIY kit or paracord rope. Some of the best such kits and cords available in the market are listed below:

One of the best ways to weave a paracord bracelet is to get a bracelet maker jig. These inexpensive, adjustable weavers will help in simplifying the task of creating a specific type of weave. Some popular jigs are listed below:

Additional paracord gear

CAMPSNAIL Survival Kit EDC Paracord Belts - Metal Buckle Belts for Men (Black (Buckle))

As discussed above, paracord bracelet is only one of the many tactical paracord gears that you can carry with you. While a detailed discussion on these items would probably be a topic for another article, some other tactical paracord items you can check out are listed below:

  • Paracord belt: A perfect utility item that allows you to carry a substantial length of cord with you without adding additional weight. Check out our article on the best paracord belts to find the most suitable option for your needs.
  • Paracord Keychains: Another inexpensive tactical utility item that allows carrying a small length of cord. Most paracord keychains are also loaded with additional items such as fire-starters. Holtzman’s Paracord Keychain Carabiner Survival Tool is a perfect survival keychain set with fire-starter, tinder and fishing hooks, among other things.
  • Paracord handles, wraps and watch straps: Many normal outdoor gears such as bottles, knives, hatchets and watches allow you to carry additional cord length through tactical handles, wraps and straps. You can also weave such items yourself.

Final thoughts on the best paracord bracelet

A paracord bracelet is just not a fashionable camping gear, it is a survival gear that can make a big difference in difficult situations when no other tool can get the job done. As such, you need to invest some time and money to pick the best survival bracelet which can act as an emergency gear for your next wilderness trip.

In this article, we took a look at some of the best paracord bracelets available in the market. We listed out the factors to consider while picking the best survival bracelets and also shared some useful resources for making one on your own.

We hope you found this post useful and it will help you buy the best paracord bracelet which can save your day. Do let us know your feedback by commenting below. Until next time, happy camping!

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      The SONDER bracelet is a good nautical style bracelet but the reason we didn’t include it on our list was that it is a new entrant and there was no other accessory or tool in this bracelet apart from the paracord.

      For its price, it didn’t really justify its worth. It is a shame though because we are huge fans of handmade stuff and would have liked to include it in our list.

  1. I don’t see the Rocknus Son of MOAB or the EDC Prepper listed. Those are the most comprehensive (loaded) bracelets on the market right now. They cost a little more and maybe that’s why they aren’t listed, but they are both at the top of the list if you are talking about ultimate survival bracelets! The EDC Prepper is on Amazon, but I think you can only get the Rocknus on their site.

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      I understand that some folks may like to have those tools nicely packed as a bracelet but again the question boils down to how many of them are really necessary and how many of those are just ‘good to have’.

      Thanks once again for your feedback, it means a lot.

  2. What paracord is best for survival situations? The multi-strand 550’s (poly, wire, braided or mono fishing line, and waxed linen or jute? Plain paracord is just string cordage and I’m thinking of the extremes for toughing it out in the woods.

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