Best marshmallow roasting sticks and forks

best marshmallow roasting sticks

One of the most enjoyable activity of a camping trip is spending the evenings around outdoor fires, enjoying the nature. Whether you are camping with your family or friends or just enjoying the evening alone, roasting food in the wilderness is an exciting activity. In addition, backyard fire pits and barbecues are truly entertaining get-together activities.

Be it children or adults, everybody is filled with fond memories of activities around the campfire. People tend to roast not only marshmallows but also all kinds of sausages, hot dogs, fish, meat and even veggies. Traditionally, campfire roasting has been all about finding the best roasting stick in the woods and using it to make s’mores over the fire.

But what if you are looking for something more convenient and hygienic?

In this article, we look at some of the best marshmallow sticks (sometimes misspelled as marshmellow sticks), forks or skewer sets available in the market. We will also list out some unique roasters such as the tree-shaped, fishing pole and reel roasters. We will also share the major factors to keep in mind while picking the best marshmallow roasting sticks for you and your family and share our top picks. Read on!

Best marshmallow roasting sticks list

Our picks for the best marshmallow roasting sticks and forks available in the market are listed below:

MalloMe Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- 30-inch telescopic forks made with FDA approved, non-toxic 18/8 304 stainless-steel. 10.25" when collapsed.
- Sticks are color-coded with BPA-free plastic handle tips for differentiation.
- Suitably designed for marshmallows, sausages, hot dogs and everything else you want to roast.
- Comes with Canvas Travel Bag Pouch, 10 recipe e-book and set of 5, 8, 12 or 20 sticks.

MalloMe Premium Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- Four premium 34-inch telescopic forks made with best FDA approved steel.
- Highly durable with rotating fork axle and rubber tips
- Come with Canvas Travel Bag Pouch and 10 recipe e-book.
- Suitable for all fire-roasting activities.
Arres Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks kit- Five extendable roasting forks that can extend from 10 inches to 34 inches.
- Come with 10 bonus bamboo skewers and travel pouch.
- Come with colored handles and rubber tips.
- Lifetime guarantee on the product
SUMPRI Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- Six premium marshmallow roasting forks that can extend from 10 inches to 34 inches.
- New and improved, thicker rotating handle makes cooking easy.
- Come with a canvas travel bag, 10 bonus bamboo skewers and ebook.
- Backed by 30-day money-back guarantee.
Wolf'em Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- Innovative & versatile marshmallow roasting sticks made of high-quality, food-grade stainless-steel with birch wood handle.
- Extendable to 32", the marshmallow roasting sticks feature reversed tines to prevent accidental jabbing by kids.
- Also features a patented double rotary handle that ensures even cooking. In addition, comes with a biscuit cup attachment for making dough fire cookies.
- Available in set of 1 or 2 roasting sticks, with or without a Nylon drawstring bag.
- Backed by a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment.
Aoocan Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- Eight 32-inch extendable roasting sticks made with FDA approved steel.
- Come with Travel Bag Pouch
- Sticks are color coded for differentiation
KBA Premium Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- Set of 8 premium 45" telescoping marshmallow sticks made with FDA-approved stainless steel.
- Six are standard sticks and two have a unique glow-in-dark thermoplastic handle.
- Feature an ergonomic, non-slip rubber handle.
- Come with a canvas carrying pouch and a 30+ recipe cookbook.
Rome Marshmallow Roaster Tree- A unique Marshmallow roasting tree made with FDA approved steel.
-The unique tree branch design allows roasting of 10 marshmallows at a time.
- Extra-long length ranging to about 36 inches.
King Creek Farms Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- 110 5mm, 36-inch bamboo skewers for traditional roasting fun.
- Made with FDA approve 100% moso bamboo. Fully biodegradable.
- Feature a dull tip to prevent accidents and injuries.
- Come with a 100% cotton storage bag.

Jungle Stix Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- A set with 110 5mm, 36 inch bamboo skewers for traditional roasting fun.
- Environmentally Safe and 100% Biodegradable
- Suitable for roasting marshmallows and roasting and grilling meats.
Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roatser- A unique fishing pole roaster for roasting food over a camp fire
- The unique design offers the ability to roast 4 marshmallows or 2 hot dogs at one time.
- Long fishing pole allows for safe distance away from the camp fire.
Hog Wild Camo Reel Roaster- A uniquely designed extendable reel roaster which features a 27 inch roasting stick.
- Allows the ability to roast two marshmallows or one hot dog at one time.
- Primarily meant for kids over age of 8 years.

What are Marshmallow roasting sticks or forks?

As the name suggests, marshmallow roasting sticks or forks are long skewers that can be used to cook marshmallow and other stuff directly over a campfire or backyard bonfire. These roasting sticks are designed to cook food items such as s’mores, sausages, hot dogs, wieners and even veggies.

Also sometimes referred to as campfire roasters, marshmallow roasting sticks are generally made of either stainless steel or bamboo. Stainless-steel campfire roasters have a metallic rod with tines on one end and wooden or rubber handle on the other. While most sticks have a forward-facing forked tines, a couple of options like the Wolf’em Marshmallow Roasting Sticks have reversed tines to prevent accidental jabbing by kids, making them safer to use for younger kids.

There are some uniquely-shaped roasters as well such as the branch-shaped and fishing rod-shaped roasting sticks. Bamboo roasting sticks, on the other hand, are simply one or two-time use skewers with bluntly pointed ends to attach food items on.

While the commercial marshmallow roasting sticks and forks do take away some of the charms of hunting for the best campfire roasting stick in the woods, they do offer some distinctive advantages:

  • They are safer to use, especially for young children with their long length and heat-resistant handles.
  • They are more convenient. You do not have to worry about ticks or critters while looking for a dry, green-branch in the woods. Moreover, because of their sturdy design, they are easy to use over the fire.
  • They are more hygienic. All the options that we listed are made of FDA-approved materials. Even the bamboo sticks that we listed are biodegradable and made from wood out of sustainable plantations.
  • With accessories such as heat-resistant carrying case and recipe cookbooks, they make excellent gift items and stocking stuffers for kids and families.

In the next sections, we will look at the major considerations to keep in mind while picking the best marshmallow roasting sticks and share over favorite picks.

How to pick the best marshmallow roasting sticks, forks or skewers?

Though marshmallow roasting sticks, forks or skewers are more of accessories than essential items, finding the best multi-purpose roasting stick can be a challenging task. In addition to supporting multiple roasting activities such as roasting meat, veggies, and marshmallows, the roasting sticks should be easy to carry, safe to handle and suitable for the purpose they are bought for. In addition to the economic (cost) considerations, while choosing the most suitable roasting sticks, you should consider the following factors,

  • Manufacturing material
  • Purpose
  • Length
  • Rotating Axle or not
  • Additional Factors and Considerations

Manufacturing material

The first factor you have to consider before picking the best marshmallow roasting sticks is the manufacturing material. Campfire roasters are primarily made of two types of materials – metallic high-grade stainless steel or bamboo.

Stainless Steel marshmallow roasting sticks are made of food-grade, non-toxic and rust-free stainless steel. They generally have a telescopic rod which can extend from 10-inches to as long as 45-inches just like an antenna. The cooking end of the rod is fork-shaped with a pair or tines to hold the food. The other end of the roasting stick has a heat-resistant wooden or rubber handle that is generally color coded for easy identification. Some manufacturers also have some interesting shapes for their marshmallow roasting sticks such as tree-branches, fishing rods, and reel roasters.

Bamboo marshmallow roasting sticks, on the other hand, are fixed length and made from FDA-approved, biodegradable bamboo. Such sticks are closest to the traditional wooden marshmallow roasting sticks that you might get in the market. They have pointed ends that are blunted slightly to make them safer for transportation and usage. Bamboo campfire roasters are generally one or two-time use only and can be discarded in the fire after use.

Bamboo sticks are generally cheaper and come in units of 100 or more. However stainless steel roasting sticks are generally more versatile and can be washed and reused (dish-washing of sticks/forks and skewers is generally not advised).

Preference of manufacturing material is another consideration. Some people feel that for marshmallows, once the fork prongs heat up, it melt the marshmallow from the inside causing it to over-roast and fall off. This problem is generally not there with bamboo marshmallow sticks.

Keep these points in mind while deciding upon the type of marshmallow roasting sticks you would like to go with.


While marshmallow roasting sticks are primarily meant for, well, roasting marshmallows, the primary purpose is still a consideration to keep in mind, as it governs the type of marshmallow roasting sticks you should opt for.

If the primary purpose is only roast marshmallows and make s’mores, then you can opt for bamboo roasting sticks which are cheaper and easier to use. Tree branch-like roasters such as ones offered by Rome Marshmallow tree are also a good choice.

However, if you are looking for multi-purpose, multi-use roasting sticks which can be used for cooking items such as wieners, sausages or veggies, or are an outdoor/backyard camper then you should consider opting for the metallic, fork-shaped roasting sticks. Because of their telescopic design, such campfire roasters are more portable, sturdy and convenient.


The overall extended length of the marshmallow roasting sticks is also an important consideration, especially if you are looking something for young kids. After all, you would not want to be too close to the fire while cooking. Generally, it is suitable to go for roasting sticks which are at least 30 inches long or can be extended to that length so that they are safe to use.

Most of the metallic roasting sticks/forks are telescopic in design that is, they can be extended. The extensibility can range from 10 inches to as long as 45 inches. The prongs on the roasting stick can securely hold most types of meats and sausages, along with marshmallows. Because metal can get heated, such roasting sticks can only be held by their wooden or rubber handles.

Bamboo sticks, on the other hand, are of fixed length, but because of their wooden construction do not get heated, unless you hold them too close to the fire.

Pick a marshmallow roasting stick that is more than 30-inches long and has a reasonably long heat-resistant surface.

Rotating axle or not

One of the things that you need to do with normal roasting sticks is to keep rotating them using your hands to ensure uniform roasting. Some people look for roasting sticks which have a rotating axle that can reduce this burden, while others feel that rotating axles are more of a hassle.

So, depending upon your preference, you can opt for marshmallow roasting sticks with or without a rotating axle. The premium roasting stick models such as MalloMe Premium Roasting Sticks provide rotating axle which rotates the stick at a flick of your fingers to provide more even cooking.

Additional Factors and Considerations

In addition to the major factors listed above, there are some small considerations that can make a marshmallow roasting set more suitable than the others.

One such factor is the color coding of handles to differentiate the roasting sticks. Some manufacturers have color-coded joins while others have color-coded handles to differentiate the roasting sticks. This can be pretty useful for kids and adults who do not like an accidental exchange of utensils.

Another thing to consider is the accessories that come with the roasting stick set. If you are opting for a stainless steel set, make sure it comes with a heat-resistant carrying pouch or case. Moreover, in order to make their set more attractive, some manufacturers also offer bonus bamboo skewers and recipe cookbooks. So, be on the lookout for these goodies!

Finally, the warranty and satisfaction-guarantee commitment is another important factor that can be useful. Manufacturers such as MalloMe, Arres, and Jungle Stix offer such commitments on their products which makes these products especially attractive.

Keep these considerations in mind before picking the best marshmallow roasting sticks for your needs.

Which are the best marshmallow roasting sticks, skewers and forks and what our picks are?

MalloMe Premium Marshmallow Roasting Sticks review – Editor’s choice pick for best marshmallow roasting sticksMalloMe Premium Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

The MalloMe premium roasting sticks are really top of the line high-quality marshmallow roasting sticks, made with the best-grade, FDA-approved stainless steel. The roasting sticks are totally non-toxic and rust-resistant.

Each set consists of 4 premium telescopic forks which can be extended from 10 inches up to 45 inches. Each fork has a rotating fork axle which provides uniform and easy roasting simply by the flick of your fingers. The roasting fork has a color-coded wooden handle that keeps your hands safely away from the hot metal surface.

Each fork has removable rubber tips on prongs making it safe to carry around and easy to wash and reuse. The set comes with a heat-resistant canvas carrying pouch, 10-bonus bamboo skewers, and a ten-recipe e-book.

MalloMe is indeed a leader in roasting sticks and they have really come up with a top-of-the-line product. And to further their claim on the best premium marshmallow roasting stick set, they provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment on their roasting stick set.

For this reason, MalloMe Premium Marshmallow roasting sticks are the Editor’s choice for best marshmallow roasting sticks. These premium rotating marshmallow sticks are also a perfect family gift item for your friends and relatives.

MalloMe Marshmallow Roasting Sticks review – Value pick for the best marshmallow roasting sticksbest marshmallow roasting sticks - MalloMe Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Extending Roaster

It happens very rarely that the manufacturer of the Editor’s pick also manufactures the best value pick for roasting sticks. In the case of roasting sticks, MalloMe is an exception and we picked their standard Marshmallow roasting sticks as our best value pick.

The latest MalloMe Marshmallow roasting sticks feature an improved 32-inch telescoping marshmallow roasting fork design. All sticks are made of high-grade, non-toxic, rust-free 18/8 304-stainless steel with a naturally-insulating wooden handle. Each roasting stick is collapsible to a size of 10.25 to 10.5-inches.

Each roasting fork has a 2-prong fork with bluntly pointed tines. The distance between the prongs is adjustable according to needs and can handle most sausages, wieners and hot dogs, along with the marshmallows. The fork has a rotation-free wooden handle with a BPA-free, color-coded cap for easy identification.

The set comes with Canvas Travel Bag Pouch, and 10 recipe e-book. The MalloMe set marshmallow roasting sticks come with a heat-resistant canvas travel bag pouch and a 10-recipe eBook.

The MalloMe Marshmallow sticks are available in a set of 5, 8, 12, and 20 sticks and supported by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment throughout the lifetime of the product. And the manufacturer is a socially-responsible business that donates a sizeable part of the proceeds to various charities.

Be it camping, backyard barbecue to just a friendly get together, the MalloMe Marshmallow roasting sticks offer an economical set of roasting forks/sticks that are suitable for all fire-roasting activities.

For their value-for-money build and versatility, the MalloMe Marshmallow roasting sticks are the best value pick for roasting sticks/skewers. If you are looking for some budget telescoping marshmallow roasting sticks, then you should definitely consider this set from MalloMe.

Jungle Stix Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- Best value pick for bamboo roasting sticksbest marshmallow roasting sticks - Bamboo Marshmallow S'mores Roasting Sticks. Environmentally Safe 100% Biodegradable

For all those folks that still prefer using bamboo sticks for roasting, Jungle Stix Bamboo Roasting Sticks are the best choice.

Competitively priced, each set contains 110, 36-inch bamboo skewers with 5mm diameter for best durability and safety. The sticks are designed to be smooth and withstand high heat and fire. Made from 100% bamboo, Jungle Stix are fully biodegradable and manufactured by an environmentally-responsible manufacturer.

To ensure safety, the stick tips are semi-pointed and can pierce through any food item, while still being safe for kids. These sticks are also perfect for sausages, shish kebabs, hot dogs, appetizers and grilling meats.

Like other bamboo marshmallow skewers, the Jungle Stix sticks are primarily meant for a single-time usage. However, you can definitely reuse them a couple of times by soaking in water and cleaning the gooey-ends after use.

The Jungle Stix Bamboo Roasting Sticks are available in a set of 110 sticks and backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or money back commitment. They, however, do not come with a carry bag or pouch.

The manufacturer is a socially-responsible organization that donates all of the profits to Pencils of Promise, a charity devoted to building schools and providing education in communities around the world.

Jungle Stix Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Sticks are our choice for best bamboo marshmallow roasting sticks.

Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster – Best Uniquely designed campfire roasterFire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roatser

The Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roatser offers campfire roasting with a unique fishing twist. It is designed in the form of a fishing pole with the roaster provided at the end of the fishing wire. It can be used to roast four marshmallows or two hot dogs at a given time.

The Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster features a high-quality construction – food-grade stainless-steel cooking hook and fishing wire, an insulated plastic rod, and a Birch or Maple wood handle. The roaster weighs about 13 ounces (0.19 pounds).

Roasting with this unique design may require a little practice, but this unique design offers a lot of fun with reasonable safety. The Fire Buggz fishing pole roaster provides the ability to rotate the items by flipping the wrist to jig the pole.

The Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster is available in four vibrant color combinations – blue, green, red, and orange and available in a set of one, two, or four fishing poles. The two and four fishing pole sets are available with or without the camo carrying bag.

The Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Roaster is backed by a 30-day, hassle-free manufacturing warranty, and a dedicated support service.

Overall, the Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Roaster is indeed an exciting tool for cooking over a campfire or a firepit, especially for pre-teens and teenagers.

For all these reasons, Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster is our pick for best uniquely designed campfire marshmallow roaster.

Additional Marshmallow Cooking Tools

If you want to take you marshmallow cooking game to the next level, then there are a couple of additional campfire cooking tools that you can look at in addition to the marshmallow roasting sticks.

Rome's #62 Original S'more Maker, Chrome Plated Steel

One of such campfire cooking tool is a s’more maker. Smore makers are close cousins of marshmallow sticks and allow you to make 3 to 4 s’mores in one time over fire. Some of the best s’more makers available in the market are listed below:

SUMPRI Smores Caddy with Two Folding Trays -Keep Your Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, Crackers & Chocolate Bars All in The Same Place -Fire Pit Accessories, Campfire Smores Skewers Storage Box (Orange)

Another product that you can look at is the S’mores Caddy. This compact cookware box allows you to carry all your marshmallow roasting items in one place. The S’mores Caddy has two trays, the top tray can store the marshmallow roasting sticks while the bottom tray can store the crackers, marshmallows and chocolate etc. The two most popular S’mores Caddy are listed below:

Marshmallow choices and recipe books

Jet Puffed Jumbo Marshmallows (24 oz Bag)

Once you have picked the best marshmallow sticks, you would definitely want to put them to use on your next camping trip. No campfire adventure is complete without roasting some delicious marshmallows over the fire. If you are looking for some options for marshmallows, you can consider the following options:

If you are looking for some great recipes for marshmallows or things you can cook over a campfire, then check out our favorite recipe books below. These books are easy to read and filled with lip-smacking recipes to try out on your next trip. Some of them are even available on Kindle. You would find them suitable for backyard cookouts as well:

DIY Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

If you love engaging in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects and would like to make things a little more interesting, then you can try out the following improvisations and alternatives to the commercial marshmallow roasting sticks:

  • Wooden stick: Pick a suitable wooden branch, clean it up and sharpen one end with a knife. Make sure that you pick a green, dry branch that would not smolder easily. For more information, check out the following article on how to choose the right stick for roasting marshmallows.
  • Wood+Barb-wire: Take a wooden stick and attach a rust-free barb wire on its end to hold the marshmallows.
  • Metallic Cloth Hanger: Take an old metal cloth hanger, straighten it up and cover-up one end with a heat resistant tape.
  • Old radio antenna: An old, discarded radio antenna can also be used as a telescoping marshmallow roasting stick.

Safety Considerations

Marshmallow roasting is an enjoyable activity, especially for young kids. However, it is important to keep some safety tips in mind. In order to ensure safe usage of marshmallow roasting sticks, forks or fishing poles, it is imperative to adhere to the following guidelines,

  • It is a good idea to operate roasting sticks or forks under adult supervision only. Ensure that an adult is always nearby the campfire so as to respond in case of an emergency.
  • Train the kids to never touch the metallic part of the forks while roasting. Use the wooden handles only. This consideration becomes more important in case of unique designs such as fishing poles and trees, as the general tendency is to touch the s’mores to check if they are cooked properly.
  • Always ensure that the roasting sticks are not overloaded. Follow the prescribed usage guidelines.
  • Ensure that the telescopic sticks are extended to as far away from the fire as possible. This means maintaining a distance of at least 30 inches from the fire.
  • Marshmallow sticks or forks are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.
  • Always ensure that you dispose of the ashes/residue after the cookout responsibly and safely. Use fire pits wherever possible. Any smoldering wood or charcoal can cause fires.
  • Keep first aid supply handy in case of an emergency.

Final thoughts on the best marshmallow roasting sticks and skewers

Campfires have always been an integral part of the camping experience. Whether you are camping alone, with family or with a group of friends, even the smell of burning fire evokes fond memories. Most children and many adults still love to roast marshmallows (or marshmellows as some like to refer them as) and make s’mores. In addition, people love to roast their meat and veggies on the fire, be it campfire, backyard barbecue or fire pit. Hence roasting sticks, forks and skewers have become more than just accessories for such events.

In this article, we listed out some of the best marshmallow roasting sticks and forks available in the market. We shared the options for both stainless steel and wooden marshmallow roasting sticks. We also looked at some uniquely designed marshmallow roasters such as those imitating a tree branch or a fishing pole. In addition, we summarized the major factors that you need to consider while picking the options for yourself or for anybody else.

Do let us know how you found this article and if you would want us to consider anything else. Best wishes for your next fire-roasting activity!

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