Big Sky Rentals | Outdoor gear rentals at affordable prices

Big Sky Rentals Outdoor gear rentals at affordable prices

Whether you are an avid outdoorsman who participates in more than a handful of outdoor excursions every year, or a beginner looking to get starting in camping, hunting or fishing, picking the right gear is always important. This is not always easy – one size doesn’t fit all and outdoor gear ain’t cheap!

So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could rent some or all of the gear at reasonable prices, use it and return it without any hassles? Well our friends at Big Sky Rentals offer exactly that through their user-friendly website –

In this article, we share the basic services Big Sky Rental offers and how you can take advantage of their individual item rentals as well as pre-configured packages for camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing. Read On!

History: What got Jay and Bob started

Co-workers and friends Jay Benjamin and Bob Dudzinski had an invite that got them daydreaming – a week of fly fishing in Wyoming. Wow! What’s not to like – crystal clear waters, surrounded by the majestic Grand Tetons, and the wild anticipation of trout fresh from the water to your plate? Getting there was surmountable. But, gearing up for the adventure was another story.

Buying the right trip gear would have set them back by about two grand each! Plus, they would have had to haul all the necessary gear with them to Wyoming – not a comfortable proposition by any means. That was hard for them to justify and they could only imagine the likelihood of the spouses saying, “Bye, have a great trip!”

As much as they hated to turn down such a great trip, the dilemma got both Jay and Bob thinking.

What if you could rent, rather than buy, the gear you needed for a fly fishing, hunting, or camping trip? Then, to make it even sweeter, you could get everything shipped directly to the lodge where you’d be staying or to the outfitter you were using?

After some extensive research, number crunching, and entrepreneurial dreaming, Big Sky Rentals was born. For two guys from San Antonio (Jay) and Omaha (Bob), this concept is quite a leap!

What does Big Sky Rentals Offers

With a simple motto of “Rent, Receive, Return”, Big Sky Rentals offer premium fishing, hunting, and camping equipment for rent at a fraction of the retail price.

Big Sky Rentals can get you there with the top of the line and affordable gear, shipped directly to your home or destination. They have put together some great packages with everything you need from a camping trip in Wyoming to a duck-hunting weekend in Arkansas.

And the renting process is rather simple. You just place your order at at least a week in advance. You can rent by the package or by the piece. When you are ready to go home, you just drop the gear off at UPS for FedEx and send it back to them in the same packaging.

And that is not all, they pay the freight! After we get returned gear, it is disinfected and specially cleaned to the pristine condition and ready to rent out again.

In addition to making the task of picking the right gear easy, there is another advantage of renting the gear. Rather try out the costly gear and shelling out big bucks for it, you can try it out before buying it. Then, if you don’t like the gear for some reason, it won’t end up cluttering up your garage or stowed away in your basement to never use again.

If you have been itching to try out a big camping trip, or a big buck fly fishing set up or maybe some prime goose hunting optics, Big Sky Rentals can hook you up, too.

Some of the outdoor adventures they offer rentals for are:

  • Camping.
  • Hiking and backpacking – both single-day and thru-hikes.
  • Hunting.
  • Fishing

In Jay’s words:

“Bob and I still regret having to turn down that cool fly fishing trip to Wyoming.  But we hope Big Sky will give lots of folks an affordable option to take their dream fly fishing, hunting, or camping trip without taking a deep hit in the wallet. Hope you’ll check us out at”

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 has put a halt on most of our travel plans. In fact, it is brought life to a halt in general! We all are just itching to get out there to have some fun. As the situation improves and the restrictions ease down, there has never been a better time for guys and gals to enjoy the great outdoors for a fly fishing, hunting, or camping trip.

So, if you are looking to plan an outdoor trip without breaking the bank, make sure you check out the completed outdoor adventure rental packages at

For any more questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will try to get that answered. And for buying the best camping and outdoor gears, you can always check out our articles on the specific product recommendations.

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