Eclipse Folding Knife – A unique knife for Camping and EDC

eclipse folding knife

From time-to-time, we share some innovative products that are unique, artistic and are useful for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. So when we got to know about the Kickstarter campaign for a coin-shaped EDC knife by Fulcrum Knives, we were more than excited to share the initiative for this elegant-looking and fully-functional small EDC Knife.

The Eclipse folding knife is a coin-shaped keychain that quickly morphs into a 2.9-inch nifty knife for those tinkering tasks at hand. With its ultralight construction, unobtrusive design and a solid build, this small tool is also a perfect tool to carry on your next outdoor excursion.

For more information and to support the initiative, do not forget to check out the Eclipse’s Kickstarter Campaign Page.

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What is the Eclipse Folding Knife?

As the name suggests, the Eclipse is a coin-shaped keychain that quickly converts into a 2.9-inch knife when unlocked. Designed in the San Francisco Bay Area, every piece is assembled and quality checked in the US, so you can be sure of the quality and reliability of each knife.

Its small size, ultralight weight and button lock makes it perfect to carry in the pocket, purse or even as a necklace. It also has a keychain loop that is great for paracord, keys, or lanyards.

The Eclipse knife features a heat-treated, 440C stainless steel, chiseled blade which can handle even the toughest tinkering tasks with ease (the heat treatment gives it a toughness of HRC 55+). Safe Locking mechanism keeps the blade secure in your pocket, with a one-handed deployment whenever required. The Knife has two handle options – the scaled G10 Handle or a Titanium Handle.

The Eclipse is available in two colors – Black and Silver, with more options made available on meeting the stretch goals. The first knives are expected to be rolled-out in late October, with the initial backers getting preference over retail buyers.

You can find more details on the Eclipse Knife on its Kickstarter or Instagram Page.

What are its Specifications?

The key specifications of the Eclipse knife are listed below:

  • Blade Material: Hardened 440C Stainless Steel (58 HRC).
  • Blade Length: 7 inches.
  • Blade Type: Chisel-ground Wharncliffe blade. 18-degree angle.
  • Knife Handle and Grip: 440C Stainless Steel Handle with G10 FR-4 or Titanium Grip.
  • Knife Thickness:24 inches (6 mm).
  • Knife Closed Size:8 inches diameter (little more than a dollar coin).
  • Knife Open Length:9 inches.
  • Knife Weight:1.1 ounces.
  • Lock Mechanism: Button lock with one-hand operation.
  • Accessories: Titanium bead with paracord.
  • Colors: Available in Silver, Black and Silver with Blue Aluminum Links.

Eclipse Folding knife

What are the different uses of the Eclipse Knife?

The Eclipse knife is a useful accessory (well more of a necessity) to have at your disposal. Considering that you can carry it as a keychain or lanyard, you can be rest assured of its utility for those critical tinkering tasks in everyday life or wilderness excursions.

You can use the Eclipse Knife for:

  • Opening boxes and letters or cutting through cardboards.
  • Slicing or dicing fruits and vegetables.
  • Cutting through ropes, straps and plastic wires.
  • Sharpening tent-stakes or trimming twigs.
  • There is a bottle-opener option also envisioned if enough people desire it.
  • Many more on-the-fly tasks.


How can I participate or support the Initiative?

There are many ways by which you can support and participate the development of this ingenious Every Day Carry Folding Knife.

The manufacturer (Fulcrum Knives) was established in May, 2018 and the Eclipse is their first and probably the flagship product. Before initiating the Kickstarter campaign, the manufacturer completed all pre-manufacturing steps and built multiple prototypes to minimize the risks of a failed design. So, the only risk that we can foresee is the slight delay in delivery dates.

The best support you can provide is by signing up and pledging your support on Kickstarter. While the product is priced at $59 or more, Kickstarter backers can get this for a lot less. There are many types of support possibilities from as little as $10 to early-bird price of $39 for one knife to $448 or more.

And if you do not want to spend the money, you can still contribute to this initiative by sharing it with your social circle on Instagram.

For more information on how you can participate and contribute, check out the Eclipse’s Kickstarter Campaign Page.

Final thoughts

The Eclipse folding knife by Fulcrum Knives is an elegant and ingenious nano-knife for EDC and outdoor activities. Designed, assembled and quality-checked in the US, the Eclipse can become your favorite Keychain accessory to carry in your pocket or purse.

As we saw above, the Eclipse is smartly-designed and well built. You can use this nifty knife for multiple everyday tasks. And its artistic design and beautiful looks would make it a popular conversation starter among your friends.

We hope you would support this initiative. For any further questions or queries, do not hesitate to reach out to the manufacturing or by commenting below and we would be happy to respond back. Till next time, Happy Camping!

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