12 must have camping gear list when going outdoors (2021)

12 must have camping gear

With the summer season coming in soon, it is time to pack your gear and go camping. Most of you may have a camping checklist of your own that you swear by. No checklist can be exhaustive enough to cover all that you will ever need in the outdoors. Still, common sense and practicality suggest you maintain a list of must have camping gear while heading out to be safe.

Packing for a camping trip should not be done in a hurry as you do not want to miss out bringing something important that you know you would need. That is why most seasoned campers always double check their packing against their camping checklist to not regret later.

In case you want to know what should always be part of your camping checklist, here is a list of our must have camping gear. This is in no way an exhaustive list but a list of gears that you will find useful too if you choose to bring them along. Some of these gears are not required if you are new to camping and do not have any prior experience.

Our choice of the must have camping gear that you should consider bringing along are,

  1. A rainproof tent
  2. A sleeping bag
  3. A rechargeable light source
  4. A portable cooking stove
  5. A portable fridge or cooler
  6. A first aid kit
  7. A pocket knife or Swiss army knife
  8. A portable water purification system
  9. A windproof lighter or fire starter kit
  10. A solar charger
  11. A portable toilet
  12. A shovel

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So what are the must have camping gear that should be in your camping checklist?

must have camping gear

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One thought on “12 must have camping gear list when going outdoors (2021)

  1. My husband really wants to go camping when the spring comes, and I have been wondering what kind of supplies we would need to bring along. I didn’t think about bringing a waterproof lighter. That would be a really great idea! I will have to look around for one.

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