Sahara Sailor tri-fold trekking poles review

Sahara sailor tri-fold trekking pole review

In our article on the best trekking poles, we saw how trekking poles, or hiking poles as they are often called, are an excellent multi-purpose gear to carry on long treks and backpacking trips. They offer better stability and balance during rough hikes, helping in reducing stress in knees and joints and can double up as tent poles and protective stick on the trail.

One of the major challenges with such poles is their portability. The packability and portability of trekking poles can be handled by picking up a collapsible option. In this article, we look at one such decent foldable hiking pole set – the Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Hiking Poles.

As you would see in the sections below, the Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Hiking Pole set is an excellent buy for those who are looking for a lightweight, portable trekking pole that provides all the benefits of a trekking pole without breaking the bank.


The key specifications of the standard Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Hiking Pole are listed below:

  • Construction Material: Ultralight aircraft grade aluminum with tungsten-carbide tip.
  • Size: Collapsed size – 13.4 inches. Adjustable length from 43 – 53 inches (110 cm -135 cm).
  • Weight: 9.5 ounces per pole.
  • Locking: Double Locking system with secure interior lock and the reliable outer locking.
  • Handle: Nonslip EVA Foam Grip with a soft vinyl adjustable wrist strap.
  • Accessories: Rubber foot tip, mud/snow basket and a carrying case for each pole.
  • Warranty: Standard one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Other sets: Available as a set of two poles or as a single pole.

Product details and review

We evaluated the trekking pole for construction quality and design features, size and weight and value for money and were pleasantly surprised by the overall quality and performance of these trekking poles. These trekking poles are definitely built to compete with other such gear that cost about 50% more.

The hiking pole came smartly packed in the standard Amazon shipping box which included the neatly packed trekking pole (in its own Sahara Sailor cardboard box) along with the accessories – rubber tip, mud basket and carrying case and the information card. We got a single pole for evaluation purposes, though you may want to get a pair for an actual hiking trip.

Sahara sailor tri-fold trekking pole

Each Sahara Sailor trekking pole is made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. The trekking pole is segmented into three parts which are held together by a metallic elastic cord running through the parts. High-quality aluminum may not be as light as the carbon fiber, but it is sturdier and reasonably lightweight. The pole has a solid tungsten-carbide tip that can be used with or without a rubber/vinyl tip. Keep in mind that rubber tips are most suitable for firm grounds and may get stuck and lost in muddy trails. We got two rubber tips, though the product advertises one rubber tip per pole. An extra bonus may be! There is also a medium mud basket, though you may want to get a bigger one separately.

The pole has an ergonomic EVA Foam grip which feels very comfortable in gloves and hands both and would not wear down like a cork grip over time. The EVA Foam grip is not as cushy as some costlier options and may wear over time, but it is still quite comfortable and firm. There is also an adjustable wrist-strap, which we found softer than most other hiking poles in the same price range. Wrapping your hand around the wrist strap can help in keeping your pole firmly secure and also transfer weight the pole while walking.

At 9.5 ounces per pole, the Sahara Sailor Trekking pole is quite lightweight when compared to other aluminum trekking poles. It has a collapsed size of 13.4 inches, which is small enough to fit in any backpack or luggage bag. When expanded, each pole has an adjustable height of 43 to 53 inches (110 – 135 cm). This adjustable height is especially useful while hiking on elevations as you can adjust the height of poles between ascent and descent. Moreover, this height range would make it suitable for most people, unless off-course, you are more than 6.5 feet, in which case you would need a longer trekking pole. It is advertised to improve your speed on the trail by up to 15%, though this looks like a very relative estimate and may vary from person to person.

The height can be adjusted by using a Double Locking System with secure interior lock and the reliable outer lock. The lock is plastic, but you cannot expect a steel clamp lock at this price! The Axle locking system of the pole may need some getting used to, so try it out at home a couple of times to master it. The pole has markers for height and indicator to set up the lock. The lock seems reliable and should be able to withstand long hours of usage in difficult terrain.

One of the best features of these trekking poles is that each pole comes with its own carry bag. So, if you get a set, you get two carry bags. This is especially useful if you prefer carrying only one pole at a time.

The Sahara Sailor hiking pole is backed by a standard one-year manufacturer warranty. This covers a wide range of manufacturing defects and issues, so whether you are an occasional hiker or a frequent backpacker, you can use this hiking pole without a lot of worries.

With all these features, one would expect that owning a Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Trekking Pole set would be a costly affair. Wrong! At a retail price of less than 30 dollars, the Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Trekking Pole set is very competitively priced and about 50% cheaper than similar models.

To summarize, the major positives and negatives of the Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Hiking Pole that we observed are listed below:

  • Made with high-quality ultralight aluminum with tungsten-carbide tip.
  • Collapsible to 13.4 inches and has an adjustable height of 43-53 inches (110-135 cm).
  • Has a secure double locking system with secure interior lock and the reliable outer lock.
  • Features an ergonomic sweat-resistant EVA foam grip and a soft wrist strap.
  • Comes with a rubber tip, mud basket and a carry case for each pole. Backed by a one-year warranty.
  • Competitively priced and 50% cheaper than other similar trekking poles.
  • The hand grip is not as cushioned as other high-end poles and may wear down over time.
  • Because of aluminum construction, it can flexes during trekking, so not suitable for over-weight backpackers.

Our opinion on the Sahara sailor Tri-Fold Hiking Poles

The Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Hiking Poles offer a distinctive combination of collapsible compact design, high quality, and decent durability while being extremely functional and lightweight. And being competitively priced at less than 30 dollars for a pair and backed by a one-year warranty, they should be the go-to hiking poles for you, if you are looking for packable, durable and ergonomic trekking poles and do not want to spend a fortune. These poles are well-suited for hiking, trail-running, long-distance walking and traveling.

They may not be as lightweight as the Leki Micro Vario Ti Cortec Trekking Poles or as durable as the Black Diamond Distance Z trekking poles, but for the price, they are pretty well-designed, durable and comfortable.

These trekking poles are available as a set of two poles or as a single pole, so you can pick the best option as per your preference. Since each pole comes with its own carry bag, you would not have to worry about missing out on the storage stow.

Final thoughts on the Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Hiking Poles

Trekking or Hiking poles are an excellent multi-purpose gear item to carry on a multi-day hiking or backpacking trip. They not only help improve your trekking speed but also reduce stress on joints and knees while walking.

In this article, we looked at one of the collapsible trekking poles available in the market – the Sahara Sailor Tri-Fold Hiking Poles. As you saw in our review, these hiking poles offer a decent combination of portability, quality, and value for money. So do check them out before your next hiking or backpacking trip!

Finally, a word of advice. Irrespective of individual experiences, the official position of TSA is “Trekking & Hiking Poles – These can only be packed in checked baggage.” So you are better off keeping your trekking poles in the check-in luggage. The collapsible ones such as the Sahara Sailor Hiking Poles can easily fit in any luggage.

For any more questions or comments, feel free to share them through the comments section below and we would be happy to answer them.

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