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Sorison Puffy Blanket Review

Whether you are on a multi-day camping trip or just spending a day in the wilderness or at the beach, a soft, warm and cozy blanket can be the difference between enjoying the outdoors or spend the time shivering and fighting the weather elements. A decent, weatherproof puffy blanket is exactly what you need for staying warm in the backcountry.

But, picking the right blanket is important. So, when we got a request for reviewing the latest Sorison Puffy Blanket, we were happy to oblige.

In this article, we review the Sorison Puffy Blanket, designed specifically for rigorous outdoor use during camping, beaches, and other outdoor excursions. We will list the key specifications and in-the-field performance of this synthetic weatherproof blanket and share our recommendations.

Disclaimer: We did receive a request to evaluate and review the Sorison Puffy Blanket. However, the review here is totally independent and is is driven only by the actual quality of the product and a little bit of our personal biases!

Sorison Puffy Blanket Specifications

The key specifications of the Sorison Puffy Blanket are listed below:

  • Material: 100%, 20 deniers, ripstop nylon with a proprietary atomicLoft synthetic down insulation. Water-resistant and mold, mildew and dirt-resistant. Nylon drawstring stuff sack.
  • Size:
    • Opened Size: 80″ x 54″ (6.5 ft. x 4.5 ft.).
    • Packed size:7.5″ dia. x 17.9″.
  • Weight: 2.8 – 2.9 lbs.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Machine washable with non-detergent soap and gentle tumble dry.
  • Style and Colors: Eclipse Grey and Twilight Blue.
  • Accessories: Drawstring stuff sack with shoulder straps. Built-in hidden zippered pocket for storing necessities.
  • Country of Origin: Made in China under strict quality control measures.
  • Warranty: 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment.

Sorison Puffy Blanket Detailed Review

To thoroughly review and evaluate the Sorison Puffy Blanket, we primarily focused on the build quality, thermal features, ease of maintenance and comfort and versatility. Our findings are summarized below:

Building material and quality

The Sorison Puffy Blanket has a build quality that is second to none in the market.

It features a 100%, 20 deniers, ripstop nylon outer surface with Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment to make the surface hypo-allergenic, weatherproof and resistant to dirt and sand.

What differentiates the Sorison blanket from other cheaper synthetic blankets is its proprietary atomicLoft synthetic down insulation. The atomicLoft insulation is made with microfiber polyester material that is as close to the natural down insulation as possible, in terms of both softness and warmth.

The insulation baffles are sewn in a unique pattern that keeps the insulation well organized. The borders of the blanket are double-stitched and sewn to provide extra durability.

The blanket comes with a high-quality, waterproof nylon stuff sack with nylon drawstrings and shoulder straps.

Thermal capacity and design features

The biggest selling point of the Sorison Puffy Blanket is the superior warmth and comfort it provides.

The atomicLoft synthetic down insulation is designed to trap air to provide extra warmth without adding extra weight to the blanket. And an even distribution of the insulation ensures that there are no cold pockets in the blanket.

While we did not find the exact temperature ratings of the blanket, it did feel pretty warm for use in temperatures up to about 40-45 degree Fahrenheit , making it suitable for all seasons up to moderate winters.

Moreover, the water-resistant, DWR treated outer shell means that you can use the blanket both for sitting in and sitting on. The surface also repels dirt and sand, making it versatile for a wide variety of uses.

The blanket also features a 9″ x 9″ hidden pocket with a YKK Zipper to store your necessities such as phone, wallet, and keys – a big plus indeed!

The puffy blanket is quite packable and comes with a drawstring stuff sack for easy storage. Because of its extra-large 6.5 ft. x 4.5 ft size, you will have to make some effort to fold it down, but once rolled, the blanket fits comfortably in the sack. And the sack comes with nylon shoulder straps for easy carry.

Overall, these innovative design features make the Sorison Puffy Blanket extremely comfortable and versatile for use in all four seasons.

Size and weight

The Sorison blanket comes in a generous expanded size of 80″ x 54″ (6.5 ft. x 4.5 ft.) which is pretty comfortable for two adults (or 1.5 adults if you are extra tall or extra healthy).

It does pack relatively small to a cylindrical size of 7.5″ dia. x 17.9″. The stuff-sack comes with a drawstring enclosure and shoulder straps for slinging it over the shoulder or wear it as a daypack.

However, because of the extra-large size and multi-layer synthetic insulation, the blanket is not the lightest option in the market.

With a weight of around 2.8 lbs., it is best suited for car-camping, RVing or other outdoor adventures and not a perfect choice for ultralight hiking or backpacking.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

The Sorison Puffy Blanket is easy to clean and maintain. The blanket is machine washable in a standard front-load washer in a gentle cycle using a mild non-detergent soap.

The blanket is quick-drying and you can air dry or use a dryer to tumble dry on a gentle, no-heat setting.

The manufacturer recommends that you do not use bleaches or fabric soft softeners or bleach and dry the blanket thoroughly before storage.

The blanket can be securely stored in its stuff sack. But to ensure synthetic insulation does not lose its warmth, the manufacturer recommends to take out the blanket periodically and spread it out to let the air circulate through the insulation.


With all these features, one would expect that owning a Sorison Puffy Blanket would be a costly affair.

Wrong! The Sorison Puffy Blanket is very competitively priced for its build quality, warmth, and size and is about 15-20% cheaper than similar premium models and offers great value-for-money.

A note on the manufacturer

The Sorison outdoor company is a socially responsible organization, reflected well in its motto – Stay Warm. Be Cool. Change Lives. The company not only focuses on offering the best quality products but also contributes a sizeable portion of profit (10%) to charities that help change life.

The three charitable causes that the company is currently contributing towards are:

  • Inner-city youth in New York
  • Men and women overcoming addiction.
  • Children living in an orphanage in India.

So, if you decide to purchase the blanket, you would also be indirectly contributing to the welfare of society.

The Verdict

Based on our evaluation and review of the product specifications and the in-field performance, we believe that Sorison Puffy Blanket is an ideal, all-season blanket for outdoor adventures.

It is durable, warm, versatile and reasonably priced. You can use it for car camping, RVing, tailgating, beach trips, outdoor events or just lounging in your home or patio.

To summarize, the major positives and negatives of the Sorison Puffy Blanket that we observed are listed below:

  • Premium puffy blanket with a 100%, ripstop nylon outer surface with a proprietary, hypo-allergenic atomicLoft synthetic down insulation.
  • Water-resistant, ultra-soft synthetic insulation is designed to trap air and provide extra warmth without adding extra weight.
  • Available in a generous size of 80″ x 54″ and packs reasonably small. Comes with a high-quality drawstring stuff sack with shoulder straps for easy transportation and storage.
  • Easy to maintain and machine washable and tumble dry in gentle cycle.
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed commitment by the manufacturer. A portion of the profits goes towards supporting global charities.
  • Not the cheapest option, but competitively priced and offers an excellent size-to-weight-to-price combination.
  • At 2.8 lbs., not the lightest synthetic down blanket. Not suitable for ultralight hiking and backpacking.
  • Only available in the standard grey and blue color combination at this time.

Final Thoughts on the Sorison Puffy Blanket

Nothing beats spending some time straightening your back after the rigors of an outdoor excursion in the wilderness. Whether you are camping, relaxing on a beach or simply enjoying the sunset on a patio, you need a weatherproof cover to provide you some cozy warmth.

In this article, we reviewed one of the latest and most popular compact and warm synthetic puffy blanket in the market – the Sorison Puffy Blanket. We listed the key specifications and presented our in-the-field assessment of the blanket

Overall, we found the Sorison Puffy Blanket an excellent value-for-money product that is water-resistant and comfortably warm to slip in or sit on, while being reasonably compact and lightweight to carry around. We found the blanket ideal for all weathers and seasons, and for indoors too!

So, if you are looking for a decent camping or beach puffy blanket, then you should definitely consider the Sorison Puffy Blanket as one of your options.

For any more questions or comments, feel free to share them through the comment section below and we would be happy to answer them. And if you are looking for additional options, you can checkout our article on the best camping blankets.


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