Best dog water bottles for camping and travel in 2021

best travel water bottles for dogs

If you love taking your canine friend with you on outdoor trips – hiking, backpacking or camping, then you must have definitely considered ways to ensure that your favorite pet stays hydrated while on the go. Dehydration is a common phenomenon in dogs as they lose a lot of water due to panting while on the move, and you would want to ascertain that you carry enough water for your pet’s needs.

As we saw in our article on pet travel bowls, one of the way to hydrate the dog while on the go is to use a silicone or fabric travel bowl and use your own supply of water. This is an excellent proposition if you are looking for an ultralight option.

However, if you have the luxury of carrying some extra weight or want to have a separate supply of water for your pet, then a pet travel water bottle is exactly what you need.

In this article, we will look at some of the best dog water bottles for camping and travel. We will also look as some of the factors to consider while picking the best option for your needs. Our focus would be on the standard sizes for each model, though you can often get smaller or larger options from same manufacturers as per your requirements.

Best dog water bottles list

Some of the best dog water bottles for outdoor and travel available in the market are listed below:
weight (oz.)

Gulpy water dispenser for dogsCapacity:
10 oz. and 20 oz.
Weight :
2.1 oz. for small
2.4 oz. for large
- Best-selling plastic water bottle.
- Comes in with a 100% leak-proof flip lid with a drinking tray.
- The drinking tray can also fit standard water bottles.
- Has a convenient belt clip on the back for easy transportation.
- Comes in five assorted colors.

H2O4K9 dog water bottleCapacity: 25 oz.
Smaller size also available
Weight: 8.5 oz.
- A hugely popular dog water bottle and bowl set with a stainless steel water bottle and BPA free plastic bowl. Can also be used by humans.
- Features a virtually unbreakable twist top lid with no hinge points, which is totally leak-proof.
- Uniquely designed twist top lid bowl makes it easier for the dog to drink from.
- The bottle fits the standard car/RV cup holder.
- A Neosling shoulder carrier is also available for easy transportation.

OllyDog OllyBottle travel bottleCapacity: 34 oz.
Weight: 7.2 oz.
- High-grade travel water bottle made with BPA, BPS free Eastman Tritan plastic.
- Dishwasher safe.
- Features a wide mouth with Silicone ring on cap for easy-twist opening
- Wide mouth makes it easier for filling and cleaning. Can be used as a standard water bottle by humans.
- Fitted with a unique patented tray for hydrating the dog.

Highwave AutoDogMugCapacity: 20 oz.
Weight: 10 oz.
- Unique dog bottle made with BPA free, dishwasher safe plastic.
- The bowl on the top fills upon squeezing the bottle. Squeeze again to drain the water back to the bottle.
- Can fit in the car cup holder.
- Comes in 3 vibrant colors.

Water Rover pet bowl and bottleCapacity: 26 oz. for XL
Weight: 5.6 oz.
- A popular pet water bottle made with BPA free plastic.
- Has a bowl fitted with the lid that gets filled when the bottle is squeezed.
- Leak-proof, spill-proof design.
- Can be shipped to select countries outside the US.
LumoLeaf Dog Water BottleCapacity: 20 oz.
Weight: 3 oz.
- A newly designed water bottle with a standard BPA-free plastic bottle and a leaf-shaped silicone drinking bowl attached to the cap.
- Both the bottle and bowl are dishwasher safe.
- The bottle fits the car holder. Totally Leak-proof.
- Backed by Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty.
Choco Nose Modern Portable Pet Water BottleCapacity:
9 fl.oz. for medium
Weight :
3.2 oz. for small
5.2 oz. for medium
- A modern portable water bottle with a BPA-free plastic bottle and stainless steel drinking nozzle.
- Suitable mostly for small dog breeds and other small pets.

Heininger Portabottle pet travel bottleCapacity: 20 oz.
Weight: 4 oz.
- A lightweight, made in the USA, BPA-free plastic water bottle with a nozzle cap and a hinged drinking tray.
- The adjustable carrying strap makes it easier to carry around.
- Also comes in a larger waterboy design for large dog breeds.
- Can be shipped to select countries outside the US.
Lixit Waterboy pet travel water bowlCapacity: 96 oz.
Weight: 12.8 oz.
- A BPA-free plastic reservoir and bowl set for large breeds or multiple dogs.
- Made in the USA.
- The water from the reservoir flows into the fitted bowl. No spills or wastage of water.
- Can be shipped to select countries outside the US.
Kurgo Gourd pet water bottleCapacity: 24 oz.
Weight: 7 oz.
- A unique BPA-free travel bottle with a standard wide-mouth design and a detachable bowl at the bottom.
- Suitable for humans as well as pets. The bowl holds 8 oz. of water at one time.
- Dishwasher safe.
- Backed by hassle-free Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects

What is a dog water bottle and why do you need one?

Typically, a dog needs around 0.75 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day, so you would need to carry anywhere between 0.5 to 1 gallon of water per day for your pet. Since dogs gulp water using the back of their tongues, having the water in a stable bowl or tray is generally a better and waste-free option than relying on cupped hands. This is where the pet travel water bottle comes into the picture.

A pet travel water bottle is a uniquely designed inexpensive, lightweight and durable bottle that provides an easy way to feed or hydrate your dog while on the go. Travel water bottles are generally made of food-grade plastic, silicone or stainless steel and consist of a bottle with a unique tray or bowl that makes it easier for your dog to drink water from. Some bottles have this tray fit hinged with the lid, while others have it as a separate attachment.

The major advantages of having a pet travel bottle are listed below. You can keep these factors in mind before considering to opt for a pet travel water bottle.

  • You would need to actually carry less amount of water as you would no longer have to throw away excess water that the dog does not drink. You can simply add it back to the bottle.
  • Having a separate reservoir for the dog may be preferred by many for hygiene and other considerations. Moreover, since your pet’s water supply is separate, you can keep a tab on the hydration levels for your pet.
  • Because of their unique design having drinking containers attached to the bottle, the travel water bottles are convenient to use while on the go without having to use cupped hands or carry a bowl separately and fill it with water.
  • You would have to carry an extra item, hence you may have additional weight and space considerations.

How to pick the best dog water bottles for camping and travel?

With so many options available in the market, picking the best dog water bottle for travel and camping can often be a challenging task. Since your pet dog would need hydration at almost all times and considering the fact that such items are not very costly and have a nice return-on-investment over time, it would probably be a good idea to opt for at least one pet travel water bottle for your dog. You can use this bottle not only for multi-day outdoor trips but also for daily strolls in the park or neighborhood.
In this section, we list out some of the major considerations to keep in mind while picking the best dog water bottle for your canine companion. These major factors are summarized below:

  • Build material of the bottle
  • Design of the bottle
  • Size and Capacity of the bottle
  • Additional Features and Considerations

Build material of the bottle

Building material of the bottle
The build material of the bottle is an important consideration. Most of the travel bottles, trays and bowls are made with BPA, BPS and Phthalate-free plastic. The popular exception to this is the H2O4K9 dog water bottle which is made from food-grade stainless steel with a BPA-free plastic drinking bowl in the form of the lid. An exception is the Gulpy water dispenser for dogs which is not advertised as BPA-free. So, if you are concerned about the ill-effects on your pet, try to keep the bottle away from exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged time periods.
If you intend to use the same bottle for yourself and the dog, then consider a bottle like the OllyDog OllyBottle travel bottle, as it is made with ultra-durable Eastman Tritan plastic ( same material as the popular Nalgene water bottles).

Design of the bottle

The design of the bottle is another important factor to consider. Since pet travel bottles have become more popular in the past decade, many designs have emerged to cater to your dog’s needs. The most common design over the years has been the tray-type lid or container hinged to the bottle, such as in Gulpy water dispenser for dogs. While this design makes the bottle compact and convenient to use while on the move, the presence of hinges adds to a common failure point and hence makes these bottles less durable. You fill find many reviewers complaining about it.
OllyDog OllyBottle travel bottle mastered this by building a patented design in which the tray is not hinged to the lid but is attached separately. Similarly, probably the most durable design is offered by the H2O4K9 dog water bottle which has a unique canine-friendly lid bowl with a twist lock and no hinges.
For bowl-shaped drinking container design, we have Highwave AutoDogMug and Water Rover pet bowl and bottle as examples. These bottles have a spill-proof container attached that gets filled in when you press the bottle. This unique design is becoming quite popular in the past couple of years, however, some people report that they have to continue to press the bottle to ensure a steady supply of water to the pet.
Another latest design is followed in the Kurgo Gourd pet water bottle. Both these bottles have a standard wide mouth lid and the pet bowl is attached to the bottom of the bottle. This design means that you can use the same bowl for feeding your pet while in the outdoors. The only issue is that over time the bowl may not fit snuggly to the bottle because of wear and tear. But the bottle would still remain usable.
Check out all the different designs to see which design would be most suitable for your pet, and if you are in doubt, opt for the H2O4K9 dog water bottle. You would find it most durably designed and comfortable to handle.

Size and capacity of the bottle

The dimensions of the bottle and the bowl/tray generally govern the breeds of pet a travel bottle can support. As discussed above, a dog needs anywhere between 0.75 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day, you need to pick up the bottle accordingly. Travel bottles such as the Gulpy water dispenser for dogs and H2O4K9 dog water bottle come in a couple of sizes ranging from 10 oz. for small dog breeds and 20+ oz. for larger dog breeds.
If you are looking at bottles with larger capacities, then look at the OllyDog OllyBottle travel bottle . It has a full size 34 oz. capacity, making it a suitable option in case you are looking to share the water between you and your furry friend.
If you have extra-large dog breeds or multiple dogs, then you need a waterbody reservoir such as the Lixit Waterboy pet travel water bowl. With a capacity of 3 quarts, you fill find it suitable option to carry for your dog’s daily water needs. Just be aware that such containers take a lot of space because of their lie-down design.
For small dog breeds, you can check out the Gulpy Junior water dispenser or the Choco Nose Modern Portable Pet Water Bottle. With a capacity of 10-13 oz. these bottles provide enough capacity to keep your dog hydrated for 6-8 hours.
In summary, check the size and capacity of the travel water bottle as per your needs and breed of your pet.

Additional features and miscellaneous considerations

In addition to the three major factors discussed above, there are some other miscellaneous factors that can make a particular bottle more suitable for your needs.
Bottles such as Heininger Portabottle pet travel bottle come with adjustable and detachable carrying straps, making them easy to carry around on the shoulder if desired. Similarly, H2O4K9 dog water bottle comes with a matching color Neosling combo which makes the bottle extremely portable. Bottles such as the Gulpy water dispenser for dogs and Water Rover pet bowl and bottle come with a belt clip, that you can use to snuggly attach the bottle to your belt.
Closely tied to the portability is the support for carrying such bottles in the standard car or camper cup holder. Bottles such as H2O4K9 dog water bottle and Highwave AutoDogMug score big in this category as they are designed to fit almost all standard cup holders.
Another factor is the warranty offered by the manufacturers. Products such as H2O4K9 dog water bottle and OllyDog OllyBottle travel bottle are backed by standard satisfaction warranties during the initial year or use. However, the best option in this category is the Kurgo Gourd pet water bottle, which is backed by the by hassle-free Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.
You can look at all these features to determine if they make a specific travel bottle a better choice for your needs.

Which are the best pet travel water bottles and what our picks are?

H2O4K9 dog water bottle – Editor’s pick for the best stainless steel travel bottle

best stainless steel travel bottle

Buy It on Chewy

If your canine friend is as fond of outdoor adventures as you, then look no further than the H2O4K9 dog water bottle and travel bowl. This hugely popular, dog water bottle is made from high-grade yet lightweight 18/8 stainless steel, with a BPA, BPS and Phthalate-free plastic twist lid that doubles up as a serving bowl. Both the bottle and the lid are fully recyclable, so you can purchase the bottle without worrying about the impact on the environment.
At a generous capacity of 25 oz. the standard H2O4K9 (so aptly named!), is suitable for most outdoor friendly dog breeds – medium to large. Moreover, you can get a smaller 9.5 oz. version as well in case you are looking for something for a small dog breed.

The twist top lid is virtually unbreakable and designed specifically to fit your dog’s natural drinking style. The twist lid makes the bottle leak-proof even after years of use. Moreover, the lid is dishwasher safe, though, you are better off by washing it with hand.

Another great benefit of this pet water bottle is that it is designed to fit most cup holders and compartments. So you can carry it around in your car, camper or RV. The bottle is ergonomic and sleek enough to fit backpacks, dog packs, bike cages, and even strollers. There is also a Neosling bottle carrier with matching color, available for easy transportation on the shoulder.

The only complaint that you may have with the H2O4K9 bottle is that it does not come with a clip, and you would have to purchase the clip or carabiner to fit in the loop provided with the bottle. But we believe, this should not be a major issue considering the all other advantages the bottle offers.

For its superior design, durability, and ease of use, the H2O4K9 dog water bottle is Editor’s choice for best dog water bottle for camping, travel and outdoor fun. If you want a reliable all-purpose pet water bottle and are not too fussy about the additional weight, then you should definitely consider getting one for your canine companion.
  • High-quality construction with 18/8 stainless steel body and BPA-free plastic lid.
  • Well-designed twist lock lid, designed specifically to fit the dog’s natural drinking style.
  • Comes in 2 sizes and more than 5 vibrant colors.
  • Reflective trim for easy identification even in low light.
  • Costlier than many other travel bottles.
  • Does not come with a clip, though a Neosling combo is also available.

OllyDog OllyBottle travel bottle – Editor’s pick for the best plastic dog water bottle for camping and travel

best plastic pet travel bottle

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The OllyDog OllyBottle travel water bottle (sounds like a tongue twister, doesn’t it!) is a perfect water bottle if you are looking for a water reservoir that you can share with your beloved pet. The OllyDog water bottle is more of a human water bottle which has been modified using a patented design to fit the needs of your canine pet as well.

The OllyBottle is made with BPA, BPS and Phthalate free Eastman Tritan copolyester plastic (the same material used in Nalgene and other plastic water bottles for humans). This makes this bottle safe for you and your pet in all weather conditions. The bottle has a wide mouth standard friction cap (with Silicone ring) attached to the bottle through a loop. The wide mouth makes it easier to fill and clean the bottle.

A full sized tray is fitted to the side of the bottle using a patented design – the bottle just slides into the tray. Since there are no hinges that can break, the bottle can survive a few mishaps.

At 1 liter (34 oz.) capacity, the bottle can store enough water to quench the thirst of most large dog breeds. You get this bottle in about 4 vibrant colors.

The only complaint that you may have with this bottle is that because of its wide circumference, it would not fit in cup holder or compartments.

For all its features and quality, the OllyDog OllyBottle travel bottle is our Editor’s pick for best plastic travel bottle. You would find it an excellent buy if you are looking for high capacity plastic water bottle to share with your pet.
  • High-quality travel bottle made with BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester.
  • Large 32 oz. capacity with a sliding full sized tray.
  • Dishwasher safe (in the top shelf).
  • Wide mouth for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Does not fit in cup holder or compartments.

Gulpy water dispenser for dogs – Best value pick for dog water bottle

Best value pick for pet travel bottle
The Gulpy water dispenser for dogs is an excellent value-for-money pet travel bottle, if you are looking for an ultralight, portable water bottle for your dog.
The Gulpy bottle comes in two sizes – 10 oz. for small dog breeds and short trips and 20 oz. for large dog breeds and longer trips. Each bottle is made with plastic with a flip-on-off tray type lid. The bottle is however not advertised to be BPA-free, so you should keep it away from prolonged exposure to sunlight to avoid any harmful chemicals leeching into your dog’s water.
In order to use the bottle, you need to simply squeeze the container and the water flows into the flip lid. The major advantage of this flip lid design is that it keeps the bottle compact and easy to carry around. Moreover, the flip lid can fit other standard bottles as well.
The Gulpy bottle comes with a clip, which you can use to attach the bottle to your belt, waistband or the bag.

For its great value-for-money, decent durability and compactness, the Gulpy water dispenser for dogs is our best value pick for pet travel bottle. If you are looking an economical option for casual use, you can consider getting one for your pet.
  • Compact, well-designed, plastic water bottle with a flip-on-off tray-type lid.
  • Comes in two sizes – 10 ounce and 20 ounces to fit the needs of most dogs.
  • Carry on clip for easy hands-free carry.
  • Competitively priced, when compared with other travel bottles.
  • Bottle is not advised as BPA-free, so needs to be used with care.
  • The Flip lid may break around the hinges on prolonged use.
  • Though it comes in 5 assorted colors, the manufacturer ships the one available.

Final thoughts on best dog water bottles for camping and travel

In this article, we looked at some of the best dog water bottles available in the market to get for your pets while on the go. Our primary focus was on dogs as they are the most outdoor-friendly animals, though you can use some of these water bottles for cats as well.
We looked at some of the distinctive advantages of carrying a separate pet water bottle to hygienically hydrate your dog during your outdoor trips – camping, hiking, and backpacking. We also looked at some of the factors to consider while picking the best travel water bottle for your canine’s needs.
We hope you found this article useful. Do let us know how you found this article and it will help you in picking the best dog water bottle for your next outdoor trip. If you would want us to consider anything else by commenting below. Till then, have a happy trip with your beloved furry friend!

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