Useful Tips on Packing for a Multi-Day Hike


Although it’s true that not everyone is into it, going on long treks in the great outdoors is an amazing opportunity to see nature at its best. Depending on your skill and how passionate you are about it, you can even venture outside the beaten path and into the rawest depths of wild territories.

What to Pack

There are many factors that make up the perfect multi-day hike, from choosing the best location to putting together the ideal group. But an essential aspect is knowing how and what to pack. Here are four useful tips to guide you in the right direction.

  1. Bring Waterproof Equipment

  2. < Anyone who's at least slightly enthusiastic about the great outdoors knows that good weather is essential going on a long camping trip. However, unforeseen circumstances can always occur, which is why it's essential to have waterproof equipment on hand. This will not only preserve your health, but it will also ensure that your hike isn't ruined by an erroneous forecast.Everything from your camping gear to your clothes must be waterproof to get you through any situation. However, keeping your feet dry is perhaps the most important thing in such situations. Thus, a pair of waterproof boots is essential to have. And if you don't want to spend some extra cash on one, the good news is that you can make your regular footwear moisture resistant.A failsafe way to do this is by using either special creams or waxes or a spray. The choice depends on you because, in the end, they all work in the same way. Some additional tips for waterproofing your trekking boots would be:

    • Use a clear coat of enamel spray for a quick fix
    • When caught underprepared, a touch of Vaseline can do the trick for a few hours until you reach drier land
    • As a last resort, transmission oil also works, but it will stain your boots red so it’s best to be wary of that
  3. Think of Multipurpose Items

  4. The key to packing lightly is equipping yourself with as many multipurpose items as you can to avoid carrying a heavy backpack around. If you’ve been on a multi-day hike before, then you already know how important saving your energy is.

    A good example is to have a Swiss army knife on hand, but if you don’t have one you can also take a sharper knife from home and a pair of portable scissors. Another indispensable item that is used for many different tasks is a lighter. And if you want to go old school, you can replace it with a box of matches, but be careful not to expose them to moisture.

  5. Share the Load with a Friend

  6. And because the importance of backpacking light cannot be stressed enough, another great tip regarding this would be to share the load of all the gear and supplies you bring with you with a friend. In this way, you can split the items you need to carry between the two of you and you’ll both be better off.

    If you have an entire group put together, this becomes even easier. You can even employ a buddy system so that everyone gets a partner. Of course, this cannot be done when camping alone. However, for safety purposes, longer camping trips should always be attempted with at least one more friend and fellow hiking enthusiast for the company.

    If you have a significant other to go camping with, that’s even better. Not only will organizing yourselves be easy, but the trip will also become a great opportunity to bond. After all, why not reap all the benefits from this brief, yet intense outdoors adventure? And even if your partner isn’t as big of a nature lover as you are, they will now have the chance to experience this part of your life.

  7. Stay Warm and Comfortable

  8. Naturally, the first thing that should be warm and comfortable while backpacking should be your clothing. But investing in a reliable sleeping bag with sturdy down insulation is also a vital choice to make. In fact, if you’re to spend money on one thing for this hike, let it be this. Remember that nighttime gets a lot colder out there than in the city. Thus, staying warm and protected must be your priority.

    A good pillow will also add to the degree of comfort you experience in your tent during sleep. Getting a good rest is crucial if your trip lasts more than a couple of days because it will provide you with the energy that you need to carry on. These items come in all shapes and sizes. Some are inflatable, while others are either compressible or hybrid. Depending on your budget and your needs, you will choose the most suitable one.


When going backpacking for an extended period of time, traveling light should be your main concern. You can achieve this by bringing a variety of multipurpose items with you, as well as sharing the equipment load with a hiking partner. Still, it’s important to not cheap out on gear.
Invest in the best waterproof clothing and footwear, while at the same time making sure that your tent, sleeping bag and pillows are comfortable and well-insulated. To enjoy nature in all its greatness, you will need to stay warm, dry and comfortable, so better make sure of that.

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