Best camping books of 2021 for pre-teen kids

best camping books for pre-teens

The pre-teen age of 9 to 13 years is probably the perfect age to start learning about the intricacies of outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, and camping. Though some kids start earlier, this is also probably the best time to engage in some non-fiction readings on such outdoor activities. In our article on best camping guides for beginners, we listed out some of the best books for teenagers and adults. In continuation of that, we are listing out the best camping books for pre-teen kids.

While this list may not feature every book or even some of the classics, the list covers most popular books which would be suitable for today’s kids. Some of these books are available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions as indicated in the list. We will also look at some of the factors to consider while picking out the most suitable guide for your kids or as a gift for somebody else.

Best camping books comparison list

Our pick of the best camping books out in the market and how they stack against each other.
PictureProductKindle editionFeatures
Boy Scout Handbook 2016No - This BSA original handbook features all the information about the revamped Boy Scout Program.
- In 488 pages, This spiral bound 13th edition features details of how to take your son from Scout to Eagle and beyond.
- The handbook also includes checklists for each rank, nights of camping, service hours and more.
Ultimate Explorer Guide for KidsNo - This interesting book is written by Justin Miles out of his own experiences travelling around the world.
- In 96 pages, this book features illustrative guide to learn how to accomplish some of the most common tasks such as packing your backpack, reading a compass etc.
- The book also features checklists on what to do and what to wear.
- Current Edition published in 2015.
Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids' GuideNo- This illustrative guide is authored by Emmy award winning author Lynn Brunelle.
- The book contains 256 pages of illustrative information on activities ranging from backyard overnights to camping trips.
- The book covers both the basics such as choosing the right gear and advance features such as how to build a tarp tent. In addition, book contains some camping recipes as well.
- The current edition was published in 2007.
National Geographic Kids Get Outside GuideNo - This National Geographic publication is authored by Nancy Honovich and Julie Beer
- In its 160 pages, it may not contain lot of camping information, but it primarily aims at encouraging kids to engage in outside activities
- The book also features a list of top U.S. parks and a page about Michelle Obama‘s Let‘s Move program
- The current edition was published in 2014.
Pocket Guide to the OutdoorsNo- This generational classic is based on the fictional masterpiece My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.
- The pocket guide is authored by Jean Craighead George, Twig C. George, John George, T. Luke George.
- In 140 odd pages, the book covers all aspects of exploring the outdoors - how to build shelters, make fire, cook in the outdoors, identify animal tracks and so on.
- The first edition of this classic was published in 2009.
Willy Whitefeather's Outdoor Survival Handbook for KidsYes - This beginner survival guide is authored by Willy Whitefeather and primarily meant as beginners guide for outdoor survival.
- In 104 pages, the book features some basic information such as how to handle stings and some advance features such as how to build a shelter.
- The current edition was published in 1991.
Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness SurvivalYes - This popular survival guide for kids is authored by former Search & Rescue professional Denise Long
- In 226 pages, this book is filled with safe and practical advice on how to survive in the wilderness.
- It also contains ten projects including how to create a shelter, how to start a fire and identifying animal tracks.
- The current edition was published in 2011.
The Boy's Book of Outdoor Survival : 101 Courageous Skills for Exploring the Dangerous WildNo - This beginner book is authored by survival expert Chris McNab
- In 128 pages, this book covers 101 skills such as building a campfire, building a shelter, foraging for food etc.
- The current edition was published in 2008.
The Boys' Book Of Survival (How To Survive Anything, Anywhere)Yes - This popular book has been abridged by Guy Campbell.
- In 128 pages, this book goes beyond the typical outdoor survival activities and also covers things such as how to survive a school dance or handle pimples.
- The current edition was published in 2009.
Ultimate Survival Guide for KidsNo - This graphic book is authored by famous author Rob Colson.
- In short 96 pages, this book provides illustrative information on how to survive all kinds of dangerous situations.
- The current edition was published in 2015.
Scout's Campfire Cookbook for KidsYes - This campfire cooking book is authored by Christine and Tim Conners
- In 192 pages, this book provides illustrative information on cooking recipes from breakfast to dinner in the wild.
- The book also covers basic safety measures to keep in mind while cooking on campfire.
- The current edition was published in 2014.

How to pick the best camping books for kids?

While picking the best camping guide books for pre-teen kids, most of the factors such as Level and format of the book, publication year and popularity and reviews remain the same as picking the best camping guides for beginners , though the year of publication is not as important for such books.

In addition to these factors, the important things to consider are how illustrative the book is, as kids tend to prefer books which provide an illustrative way of explaining things. In addition, it is important to consider the age groups for these guides. Kids tend to find the books that fall in early or later age groups unsuitable because either they are too rudimentary or they contain information that may not be suitable for kids of that age group. All the books listed above, typically cater to the 9-12/10-13 age group bracket but can be used for 6-8 year kids as well if they are already exposed to outdoor activities such as camping and backpacking.

Which are the best camping books for kids and what our picks are?

In our list, we have listed some of the best non-fiction camping books for pre-teen kids. The pick for best camping books for pre-teen kids depends on a lot on the requirements of the reader. But as Editor’s choice, you can consider the Boy Scout Handbook 2016 as the Editor’s top pick. The Boy Scout program is an excellent program to get the kids started in the line of outdoor activities and this handbook is an absolute necessity. Another recommended book to get is the Pocket Guide to the Outdoors, an excellent learning guide based on the fictional classic My Side of the Mountain by the same author.

Kids typically love to learn survival skills such as building a shelter, starting a campfire, or navigate using stars. We have listed some of the best Survival guidebooks for kids of today. You can consider Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival as one of the top picks for survival books.

If you are looking for a book that covers kid outdoor activities beyond camping and backpacking then Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids’ Guide and National Geographic Kids Get Outside Guide as the most suitable books.

Lastly, no camping book list is complete without including some excellent cooking recipes during camping. The Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids’ Guide book contains 8 popular recipes for camping, but the complete book in this category is Scout’s Campfire Cookbook for Kids , which cover recipes for campfire from breakfast till dinner.

Final thoughts on best camping books for kids

In this post, we looked at some of the best non-fiction outdoor activity books for pre-teen kids. We listed down books on Boy Scout Program, Survival and even Cooking.  Some of these books are available both in paperback and Kindle as indicated in the list. These books also make an excellent gift. Do let us know how you found this article and if you would want us to consider anything else. Best wishes for your next outdoor trip with your kid!

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