Top 15 handmade gift ideas for campers to buy in 2021

handmade gift ideas for campers

As per Wikipedia, Handmade items are a wide variety of types of work which are largely made by hand or by using only simple tools.

Handmade and handcrafted gifts are the latest trend among people because of the sentiment, quality and personalized craftsmanship presented in each item. Outdoor enthusiasts including campers, hikers and backpackers often love such items and there is no better time than the ensuing holiday season to gift handcrafted items to your family and friends. In this short article, we present you with a list of 15 handmade gift ideas that make a wonderful gift for anybody who loves outdoor activities. Please note that we would primarily focus on gifts for adults, though some items may be suitable for teenagers and kids as well.

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Best handmade gifts for campers

Our top 15 list of best handmade gift ideas for campers.
PictureProductItem typePriceFeatures
Prep2Go Paracord Grenade - Ultimate Survival Fishing KitParacord gear$- A grenade shaped keychain which is made with best grade 550lb paracord.
- Features 25 survival and fishing accessories including Firestarter, snare wire and knife.
- Also suitable for teenagers above 15 years of age.
- Refer to full article on paracord bracelet here.
Tactical Wilderness 18 Piece Paracord Survival BraceletParacord gear$- A popular handwoven paracord bracelet made with 10 inch long military grade paracord.
- Has unique features such as compass, Firestarter, tinder and whistle.
- Also suitable for teenagers above 12 years of age.
- Refer to full article on paracord bracelet here.
RattlerStrap Paracord Survival EDC BeltParacord belt$$$- A made in USA, hugely popular paracord belt which features extremely well knit weave for waist size of 28-56 inch.
- The belt has 7 strands of two 10 feet and two 40 feet weaves, totaling 800 feet of cord.
- Features an ultralight titanium buckle and comes in three colors.
- Also suitable for teenagers.
- Refer to full article on paracord belt here.
CDS-Survival MOVA-58 Stainless Steel Handmade knifeKnife$$$- An extremely well handcrafted knife with laser cut 5 inch blade.
- Comes with genuine leather sheath, Sharpener Stone and firesteel
Hella Slingshots Wooden SlingshotToy$- A handmade slingshot for kids over age of 5 years.
- Comes in many looks and color combinations.
Buddy Burner 3 hour Camping Bug-Out StoveCooking Stove$- A single use set of two burners with a burning time of 3 hours approx.
- Each burner consists of approximately 6.5 ounces of pure soy wax, corrugated cardboard, and a recyclable foil tart tin
Gorilla Decals AT and PCT Vinyl Decal StickersDécor (Car and Home)$- A unique 6 inch by 6 inch decal handcrafted and personalized as per your needs.
- The decal depicts successful finishing AT or PCT trails and comes in many gender suitable colors.
Kentucky Walking Sticks Traditional Walking/Hiking StickTrekking stick$$- Handcrafted tracking and walking sticks made with best natural wood.
- Multiple options and customizations available for the stick and handle.
Creation Carvings Hickory Hiking StaffTrekking stick$$- 60 inch handcrafted hickory wood hiking stick with Leather Wrist Handle
- Kiln dried for extra durability and sanded for smooth polyurethane finish
- The base has a rubber tip.
- Limited customization provided including the length adjustments.
AtelierHandmade Hiking knitted socksFashion accessories$- Hiking knitted socks made from sock wool.
- Hand knitted using 80% wool for warmth and comfort and 20% nylon for strength and flexibility.
- Machine washable
- Multiple sizes and color combinations available
Venyork Business Microfiber Towel TravelBath and beyond$- A unique hand-woven microfiber towel that can be folded and transformed into an amazing cross body bag.
- Suitable for camping and beaches both and comes in many color combinations.
- Refer to full article on microfiber towels here.
Women's Hand Warmers Fingerless Stretch GlovesFashion accessories$- One-of-a-kind Shibori Tie Die, Unique Hand Dyed Fingerless Gloves & Wrist Warmers made from Super Soft Cotton Jersey Fabric
- 90% cotton and 10% Lycra
- Available in beautiful rainbow color.
PurpleBerryInk Camping Drawstring BackpackBackpack$- A highly customizable multi-color drawstring backpack.
- Comes in small, medium and large sizes.
- Can be used as backpack for kids on the go.
Sin City Engraving Custom Multi-toolMulti-tool/Knife$- Wooden multi-tool pocket knife with double sided engraving.
- Comes with seven functional stainless steel tools – 2.5” Knife, Screw Driver, Corkscrew, Scissors, File, Bottle and Can Opener.
- Has a jump ring to attach to keychain.
- 3.8 inch in length.
MacBeanie Handmade Merino Wool ScarfFashion Accessories$$- Elegant, comfortable and stylish neck scarf for outdoorsy women.
- Each scarf is hand knit with a merino wool and acrylic blended yarn
- Comes in multiple color combinations.

Which are the best handmade gift ideas and what our picks are?

In our list, we have listed fifteen high quality handcrafted gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. The pick for best item depends heavily on personal requirements and preferences. Hence we would not be picking up a specific set of items which can be considered as Editor’s choice, this time around. However, the items listed above have been picked up with due diligence and hence you can opt for any of them as per your needs.

One important consideration to keep in mind with such items is the shipping time. Many handmade items are custom made and hence can take 1 or 2 additional days for shipping. Still, most of the items we listed above had standard shipping times.

While most items listed are best fit for adults, some items such as Prep2Go Paracord Grenade – Ultimate Survival Fishing Kit and PurpleBerryInk Camping Drawstring Backpack are suitable for kids as well. Items such as Women’s Hand Warmers Fingerless Stretch Gloves and AtelierHandmade Hiking knitted socks are specifically suitable for females. Most of other items are unisex and can be customized for gender suitability.

Final thoughts on best handmade gift ideas for campers

In this article, we looked at 15 unique handmade gift items for outdoor aficionados. Each item is uniquely handcrafted, with some items offering many options in terms of color combinations and personalization. We looked at items including paracord bracelets, belts, knives, wooden hiking sticks and even decals. All these items make an excellent gift, while supporting the local businesses.

Do let us know how you found this article and if you would want us to consider anything else. Best wishes for your next outdoor trip!

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